Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Musings Again

I've had a pretty long day, which means that I've had a ton of time to think about things.  Here we go.

1.  How in the world does a car break so bad it crashes into hundreds of gallons of jet fuel?  No wonder oil prices are up.

2.  Leap Day is almost over.  Which means it's a long countdown to the end of Black History Month.  Or, as I like to call it, "Let's Give Them Something So They Leave Us Alone" Month.  When are we going to acknowledge people for doing awesome things without mentioning their race, color, or creed?

3.  Eddie told me to do something with his catfish nuggets, so I'm baking them with some rice.  I'm officially a Real Housewife of Roanoke City.  All I need is a table to flip and some hair extensions.

4.  Anyone who didn't catch Biggest Loser last night missed the birth of a man.  Chism put it down.  Finally, an adult on the show.

5.  Speaking of that show, I kinda want Bob Harper from Biggest Loser to read the paper to me.  You know he hung out at the ethnic hair salons growing up.  I think he and Dolvett have the same momma.

6.  I'm very sad that I missed Edgar vs Henderson.

7.  No wonder I'm single, I don't use enough Axe in my daily routine.  You think if they made an Axe toothpaste, you could become the world's best kisser?

8.  I have to thank God for helping me find my wallet at the Kroger parking lot tonight.  The little things people, you have to talk to God about everything.

9.  I'm really glad VIBE 100 has a clearer station that I can hear.  I love my mix of gospel, neo-soul, and R&B.  If you live in Roanoke, 97.7.

10.  My fast of soda for Lent is going swimmingly.  God is really helping me through this.

11.  I honestly love my church so much.  Such good people who love God and love everyone else.

12.  You ever notice how gangsta you become when you drive a car.  You lean a little bit, play some hip hop louder than normal, and get a bit of a swag about you.  I remember my middle school classmates who were Mega-Rednecks instantly becoming hip hop fans the minute they got their license.  Hilarious.

13.   I want to punch whoever invented yogurt in a tube straight in the face.  That could be the most useless idea ever.  I've probably harped on that before, but it bears repeating, over and over.

That's all I got for you guys.  Hopefully you've enjoyed these musings, and if you have any of your own, leave them in comment section.

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