Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Have Found Dairy Bliss

A while back, I got a coupon for a dollar off 10 cups of Yoplait yogurt.  I paid basically about 5 bucks, might have even been four bucks.  I decided to get a variety of flavors.  Key Lime Pie, Boston Creme Pie, and Orange Creme were among the flavors I picked up.  Well I have to say that I found my flavor.  I found the yogurt that I will consume for pretty much the rest of my life.  Yoplait Light Raspberry Lemonade, you are my new best friend.  I did love Orange Creme for a while, however Raspberry Lemonade is tremendous.  It's like heaven in my mouth.  It made me so excited when I tasted it.  I can't believe I let that flavor pass through the gateway.  If you want to experience this happiness that I have, feel free to buy some.  I'll buy ten of those cups next time I have a coupon.  I know I'm getting kind of hyped over some yogurt, but man that stuff was good.  Also on the list of awesome things is wing dings from Food Lion.  That stuff should be transformed into currency.  I bet enough of those things could help Greece in their financial peril.  Kroger's fried chicken is pretty good too.  I love food.  Food makes me happy.  I'm not addicted to it.  It doesn't define me.  However God made food for us to enjoy.  No reason to deny ourselves of it.  I've seen so many weird diets and fads.  I remember when everyone and their mother said carbs were bad.  How dumb are they?  Carbs are energy.  Energy helps you exercise.  That Atkins diet, dumbest idea ever.  I heard he died a food related death but was thrown out of his window to make it look like he slipped on ice.  South Beach Diet, psh.  The best diet is not eating too much and then moving.  Take a walk.  Play ball with your kids.  Stop being lazy.  That's the best diet ever.  Being active and not being a freaking pig.

There you go, my plan for being healthy.

Now, to find more of that awesome yogurt.

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