Friday, December 14, 2012

A Bigger Problem

I'm sure that you all have heard about what happened today in Connecticut.  My heartfelt condolences go out to all the families of the victims.  I can honestly say that this is the worst tragedy in the history of America.  When you involve children in your victim list, you are by far the worst of the worst.  And make no mistake about it, if you have to use a gun to solve your problems, you're a coward.  I'm not talking about self defense from a crook threatening your family, I'm talking about you having a personal issue with someone and using a gun to end it as opposed to talking it out like a human being.  If you involve children in your issues, whether it's a mass murder or a custody battle, you're a coward, plain and simple.  To want to hurt a child, you're a special kind of coward.

Now I'll address one thing real quick because it won't take long.  Controlling guns is a good idea in theory, but the people that do the bad things with guns are criminals.  Criminals don't follow any laws, much less tighter gun laws.  I do believe in a better, more comprehensive check into who should be allowed to purchase a gun.  I think gun shows should be revamped so that not just any person can buy any gun at any time.  There should be some regulations.  If we have to take a test to get a driver's license, we should have something in place to be sure that the people buying guns are competent enough to use said gun.  I do believe in our right to bare arms, but I also believe in my right to survive life without a nutjob trying to hurt me.

Mental health, speaking of, is a big issue too.  Probably a bigger issue than gun laws.  Every kind of serial killer or mass murderer all have mental illness.  You have to have some kind of mental illness to want to hurt innocent children.  Where was this guy's family?  How did they not know that this guy would do these terrible things?  I mean, mental illness doesn't just sneak up on you.  There are warning signs.  How can the warning signs not be seen?  We have got to be vigilant in keeping tabs on our loved ones.  If you know that someone you love isn't right, say something.  Get them checked out.  I've seen people with mental illness, and been extremely close to some.  I ignored the signs.  Don't ignore them.

People are asking a lot of questions.  Why did this happen?  How could this happen?  What is happening to our country?  Look, I honestly don't know what to say at times.  I do know this.  God needs to be back in our lives.  Yeah, yeah, if God were here, He wouldn't allow this kind of thing to happen.  I know.  However, when you tell God to stay out, God is a gentleman.  He'll stay out.  You can't ignore God, then ask why He didn't help.  However, we also have to realize that Christians are pretty sinful as well.  We Christians really shouldn't be telling people what to do.  We fail miserably at times.  Ask Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart.  Point being, God in our lives can help a lot.

The big problem in our lives is sin.  Gun control laws and mental health screenings are nothing more than a band-aid.  We are a screwed up group of humans.  We don't even think twice about sharing dirty jokes, gossiping about other people, or having hateful words for people who sin differently than us.  Make no mistake about it, the guy who committed the senseless murders in Connecticut is a sick man who obviously didn't know how to deal with his issues with his mother.  However, we can't just make more laws.  We need to just do what God would like us to do.

God wants us to love Him, and love others.  It's not that hard.  We do that, I'm pretty sure we can be a better behaved set of people.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Storm and How to Survive It

I've always been one to be thankful for whatever happens to me because it's happening to me.  I've always been one to just be able to accept the moment because I'm in it.  Today I got some pretty disappointing news.  I won't go into detail, but I'll just say that I didn't get what I was hoping for.  And you know, I'm okay with it.

I'm a firm believer in God's will.  I'm a firm believer that there is a reason for every, and there is no such thing as happenstance and coincidence.  I think about the news I got, and I think about why it didn't happen the way I wanted it.  Then I think again and realize that Christ is in control.

I also learned that when you ask for prayers and support, nine times out of ten, you get it.  I'm blessed to have the best friends and family in the world.  I had so much support and well wishes before the news came about.  I'm thankful for that.  I don't think I've ever thought about friendship and support until this past year.  It almost overwhelmed me how supportive my friends have been.

I often wonder how people can go without support from friends and family.  I wonder how people can go without faith in God.  You probably look at this story and wonder why God didn't just give me what I hoped for.  Sometimes, that's just too easy.  Sometimes, God has a special plan and He wants you to just trust Him.  I think I can do that better.  We all can.

The storm is a tough thing to go through.  However, a good umbrella for the storm is just support from friends and family and a faith in God.  It's good shelter.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


So, Christmas is upon us.  Now is the time to show good will towards men and display peace on earth.  Of course, that will never happen.  Mostly because of the idiots who think Christmas is an offensive word.  It's not a lot of people, but just enough to be annoying enough to get their way.  Since when did we back down from being who we are?  It's saddening.  What happened to telling people what you felt?

You people who are Atheists need to listen up.  It's Christmas time.  It means that when we tell you Merry Christmas, you say, "Same to you."  You don't come at me with your "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons' Greetings."  I don't want to hear that mess.  Get over yourselves.  I get it.  You don't believe that God exists and that all Christians are stupid, science-hating, Bible thumping morons.  However, you tend to forget all the good we do for pretty much anyone, whether they believe in God or not.  So when we wish you Merry Christmas, we really do wish that your Christmas is happy and that you realize that God is a good God and loves you plenty.  I know some of us Christians can make some bad choices and we can be our own worst enemy, but rest assured, we still want Jesus to be the reason for the season.

Yes I know, you Pagans love to throw in the fact that the whole gift giving, tree decorating thing was all you. Okay, cool.  You can have it.  Us Christians just made it a tad bit better.  Yes, I'm also aware that Jesus may or may not have been born in December and that the weather was probably vastly different in Israel than it is over here in America.  However, we're celebrating Jesus' birthday now because it's nice time to have it.  So, chill out.  Relax.

Alright, now I need to go off on mistletoe.  I kind of threw it out there on my Facebook status the other day, but it bears repeating.  If a person is willing to kiss a random person at the mere sight of a plant, you have to wonder what else they do with people they may or may not know.  I'd be a little weary about allowing someone access to me simply because I'm underneath a plant.  A plant that's poisonous, by the way.  I also have a problem with the ugly Christmas sweater.  Not the parties, those can be fun.  Just don't understand what possesses these knitters to think that the design they created was so neat.  There's just nothing attractive about a wool snowman on cotton snowflakes.

As we get ready for this Christmas season, I want to let you all know that I love you all and want you to be happy.  I pray that all your wishes come true.  I pray that God blesses you with whatever your heart desires. I thank you all for your support for this blog.  Your word of mouth and support has made this blog a pretty big deal.  Merry Christmas to you.  Never forget that Jesus is the reason.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Love of Money...You Know the Rest

Alright first and foremost, I have to give props to the Kansas City Chiefs for their win against the Carolina Panthers.  It was a hard fought victory under dubious and extenuating circumstances.  However, I have to say that there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to play that game today.

If you're not aware, Jovan Belcher of the Chiefs tragically killed his girlfriend before driving to the Chiefs' practice facility, talking to his GM and coach, and taking his own life.  This was witnessed by the head coach and GM.  This all happened yesterday.  The NFL chose to have the game played despite all this.

Now I understand that the NFL is a business.  I understand that you have to kind of keep the show going for the people who paid their money for tickets, the sponsors, the networks, and whoever else is invested in the product.  I do think that they would have totally understood postponing the game to at least Monday or Tuesday just for the sake of the team.  For a coach to have to find a way to concentrate on a game like football after seeing one of his players take his life, I commend Romeo Crennel for having the ability to keep it together.  This game should not have happened.

I don't know how those players were able to play the way they played.  They only committed one penalty all game and didn't have a turnover.  To keep that kind of concentration in the wake of that tragedy is amazing.  And to think this is only their second win all season, just amazing.

But this game shouldn't have happened.  It's all about money with the NFL.  That's what it came down to.  There is no reason to play this game other than the want for money.  It's not a need, the NFL is run by billionaires, it's a want.  Make no mistake about it, moving the game wouldn't have done anything to their pockets, but it's a matter of getting as much money as soon as possible.  It's baffling that people are this greedy for money to put a team that went through that on the field.  Props to the the Chiefs for their ability to compartmentalize this situation and play football, but they really shouldn't have been asked to do such a thing.