Monday, November 1, 2010

Do I Really Count?

Tomorrow is an important day in our country.  Tomorrow we go to the polls to select midterm senators and congressmen.  There seems to be this notion that it is my civic duty to vote.  I have a question though.  If I don't believe in the candidates, do I still have the civic duty?  I watch all these commercials for the candidates and it's nothing but, "this guy will do this to you" or "this guy likes Obama".  I haven't heard one advertisement about what the candidate WILL do for me.  It's all what the other is going to DO TO me.  I'm sick of the backstabbing, mudslinging, and trash talk that comes from election time.  How about, "hey I'm sorry things are bad, I'll do my best to make them better" and leave it at that.  Not only that, but the system is so flawed.  Particularly the presidential election.  I'm not Democrat or Republican, I'm Tyrone.  I do however think that Al Gore got cheated out of the presidency.  Not because of the whole Florida, hanging chad, whatever.  I think it was because Gore had more votes than Bush.  Yes I know that's going to upset my Republican friends, but that's the truth.  When I watch a basketball game, the team with the most points wins.  When I play Scrabble, I win if I score more points.  Doesn't matter about the length of a word or the exotic nature of a word.  It's only about scoring points.  However in the presidential election, it's all about the electoral process.  That's a silly thing to base things off of, in my opinion.  If you're not familiar, you basically get however many votes equal to the amount of representatives you have in Congress.  Some states have more electoral votes or representatives than others.  I think they should do away with the electoral college altogether and go with "the most votes wins".  That would make life a lot easier.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow as far as voting.  I have an issue with the candidates running.  I have an issue with how they conduct business.  I have an issue with how they completely ignore standards and decency.  If they want me to support them and their cause, they'd better have something better than, "I'm not this guy, he's a jerk."  If I want mudslinging and trash talk, I'd watch wrestling.  Oh wait, isn't one of the candidates a former CEO of a major wrestling promotion?