Monday, October 25, 2010

Is It Really That Bad?

So I decided to rant on something today, but had no idea what.  I posted a status message on facebook, but none of you bothered to give me ideas.  One person did, and it was actually worth talking about so here I go.  There seems to be this whole issue about illegal immigration in our country.  It's a pretty polarizing topic, surprisingly.  You see you have one set of people that believe that we should just let anyone come into our country.  That was the original premise for our country.  Ellis Island was created for the soul purpose of bringing in the tired, hungry, weak, and downtrodden to a new land.  If those people knew then, what we knew now...I don't think they'd come as often.  Let's just be honest, the biggest thing about illegal immigration isn't really the whole morality of trespassing.  It comes down to money and racism.  I'll go on the money rant first.  Apparently there is this general misconception that illegal immigrants take jobs from people.  If that isn't the biggest bunch of malarkey I've ever heard, I don't know what is.  Look, most of the "jobs" that are being taken by illegals are menial tasks that no one was really in a hurry to get anyway.  How many of you have been pining for a job picking fruits from an orchard?  Raise your hand if you've been dying to mop the floor at the McDonald's that you just got your last meal from.  Look, let's be real, the job isn't the problem.  So it comes down to racism.  Now I know that racism is a dirty word and most people would rather not be associated with it.  Let's just get it out there, what is the main people group we associate with illegal immigration?  Nine out of ten of you probably said Latino.  The other person said "Mexican".  It's gotten to the point that Arizona was wanting to pass a law that basically said that if any person looks to be of Latino decent, they can be checked for legality.  Not German, not French, not even Arab, Latino.  There are facebook groups that basically say, "I shouldn't have to press such and such for English, I'm in America."  That's kind of trivial if you ask me.  You should be more upset that you're on hold for 47 minutes and every person you talk to in the phone web is named "Peggy".  Yeah I stole that from a commercial, but whatever.  Now, before I get into my serious rant, I just want to preface this by saying that if you are not American and are here illegally, you're in the wrong.  There is paperwork to do, and there is a test to take if you want the benefits of being an American citizen and you should do all you can to obtain it.  Trust me folks, it's not that hard.  Now, to the rest of you, get over it guys.  Outside of a couple of folks, most of the illegals are just squatting at worst.  The people that keep them here are the supervisors that hire them for peanuts (in our standards).  If the supervisors can find cheap labor, why risk it?  According to them, it's about making money.  If you really want them gone, take the menial jobs that they're doing.  Take the cheap labor instead of stealing unemployment and spending it on new Nikes for your 1 month old.  Like I said, the Statue of Liberty promotes people who are in down times and people coming from most countries are in down times.  We're one of the wealthiest nations in the world, they want a piece of the pie.  The least we could do is a) help them get legal citizenship b) love them and pray for them and c) quit labeling all Latinos as illegals.  You're not doing us any favors.  Part of the reason that they are staying in the country is to spite us.  Let's be real, if a bunch of hateful people tell you this and that, you're going to want to spite them too.  I'm really tired of the holier than thou attitude that some people have about "their country" when it comes to Hispanics wanting to do what every person's ancestors wanted back in the olden days, prosper in America.  However that whole "their country" goes out the window when the president that was elected to lead the country gets mocked and persecuted (on both the left and right, it's all the same really) at the slightest deviation from their beliefs.  Like I said, I love America but it disappoints me with how they treat those that want to experience what we Americans have been blessed with.  Help them get into America legally instead of trying to build a giant fence to keep them out forever.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

I know it's been a while since I last posted a blog, but nothing's really been on my mind lately.  That is until this weekend.  There seems to be some sort of idea that Obama may start taking steps (if he hasn't already) to repeal the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy in the military.  For those not familiar with it, it basically states that if a homosexual joins the military, his fellow soldiers cannot ask him if he/she prefers the same gender and they don't have to tell you if it is asked.  Basically, it's to keep homosexuals from being harassed and mocked by their fellow soldiers.  Now I have to say this before I get started, if a person feels compelled to join the military no matter their race, gender, sexual preference, shoe size, favorite television show, or any other thing that could be ridiculed, that is their business.  In fact, I salute you for making that ultimate sacrifice to defend my country.  I don't think that a person who loves their country should feel compelled to not join for fear of ridicule.  Those that mock others have no business joining the military.  In fact, you should be ashamed of yourself because those that you mock are the people you are defending.  If you can't respect someone enough to respect them for who they are and what their choices might be, then I suggest not defending my country, because you certainly don't love my country.  My country is full of every kind of person imaginable.  To mock one aspect of my country is to mock all of my country.  Jerry Springer has a point when he says that people on his show are America, better or worse, they are America.  Now, to the homosexual people out there.  Like I said, I respect you for wanting to honor my country.  I respect you for wanting to be a part of the greatest fighting force in the history of the world.  However, although a lot of people read my blog, not enough have influence to change an entire culture.  If DADT gets repealed, that gives those with no class or ethics free range to harass you.  Do you really want that?  I mean, you can go and report them to a commanding officer, but you're taking a risk of being considered a snitch or a crybaby.  That in turn gives those people more ammunition to mess with you more.  Look, I know you're not going to prance on the battlefields with a tutu or kiss the first thing you see in a shower.  However, you are going to give some people the creeps.  Those people aren't nearly as intelligent as need be to handle that kind of thing.  And what about a commanding officer.  If they find out that there are a few homosexuals, you may find yourself in more peril than you bargained for.  They may throw you on the front lines like they did to the black people on South Park.  I know that's a television show, but work with me here.  Point being, you're asking for a whole heap of trouble when you ask for people to change their entire philosophy overnight.  It takes a little time and education to understand what you're thinking or going through.  Now I know that you'll give me examples of some military people who are accepting, but I'm not talking about some.  I'm talking about the culture.  You will be offended by conversation.  And if they are in fear of talking because you're in the room, welcome to the isolated life.  Like I said, I have no problem with you wanting to fight for my country.  I love America and want everyone within its borders to love it too.  However, you're asking for a lot of people to do a heavy thing simply because you're not comfortable.  I don't drink.  However if I go to a baseball stadium and raise holy heck because there's beer being served, what does that do to me?  I'll get pelted with items, including the beer I don't drink, and ran out of the stadium.  I can't tell an entire baseball stadium to stop drinking because I don't do it.  I simply sit down, watch the game, and outsmart the drunk people for foul balls.  So maybe you should think about what you're asking for when you ask Obama to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".  Realize that it could open up a whole new can of worms that you thought wouldn't be opened.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Touchy Subject? Maybe

So I was watching Glee last night and couldn't help but get enthralled by the subject.  If you didn't, I'll recap as best I can.  Kurt, the gay kid, goes through a bad time when his father has a heart attack and is left in a coma.  Some of his glee club friends tell him that they're praying for his dad.  Kurt doesn't believe in God because of His people.  Surely a blemish on our Christian record as well as a pretty sad commentary on how Christians are viewed by the outside world.  Throughout the episode a bit of a schism comes into play.  Kurt believes everyone is "forcing religion" onto him when he just wants his dad back.  Everyone else thinks Kurt's being "evasive and isolated."  The athiests that watched the show will probably side with Kurt in this battle.  People of faith will be more inspired by how open some of the cast members were about their faith.  I had a day to stew over the episode.  I think Christians should have a better testimony for those who don't believe in God.  You have to make a way to get people that don't know Christ to understand what Christ is about.  That means not going to military funerals with "God Hates Fags" signs.  That means having respect for people that don't look like you.  The KKK have made a mockery of God by saying they're doing God's work by eliminating blacks and Jews.  I'm not saying you do wrong and accept things.  I'm just saying respect other people and love them like Jesus loves us.  It's the least we can do to share Jesus' love with everyone else.  The Jesus I know wouldn't throw a kid out of church for having an earring in his lip or a tattoo on his neck.  Jesus would ask what the tattoos mean and ask how much it hurt.  You athiests aren't excused either.  If you really are as open minded and tolerant as you say you are, when will you go a day without finding something wrong with a Christian or a Republican?  I thought open mindedness meant that you listened to all explanations before developing an opinion.  I love my Lord more than anything.  However part of loving your Lord is loving other people and treating them with respect.  And if you see Jesus in your grilled cheese sandwich, don't ask for weird things like it's a genie.  It's just a funny shaped grilled cheese sandwich.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sometimes It's the Right Card to Play

This is 2010.  At this point in our country's brief history, we should be above a lot of things.  Two years ago, we voted in our very first African American president.  A few years before that, we had the first ever Super Bowl between two African American coaches.  We've been blessed to have a lot of things happen to one of the most oppressed groups of people in history.  African Americans have been the subject to a lot of ridicule and strife.  Far more than I will ever know since I haven't lived in the harsh parts.  However it's a fact that racism still plays a part in a lot more than we're willing to admit.  This new law in Arizona that basically said that "if you look hispanic, your immigration status will be verified."  That's racism in it's purest form really.

That's not really what I want to talk about.  I want to talk about this thing going on in Miami.  Recently, LeBron James and his business manager have both said that race played a role in the backlash LeBron got for leaving Cleveland and going to Miami to play basketball.  Notice he said that "it played a role" not that it was the underlying reason.  I'm sure he understood that making a television show about which team he was going to play for was kind of over the top.  I'm sure he gets the fact that he broke the heart of all of Cleveland, Ohio that night.  However I don't think he expected this much flack for it.  Seems like it's a pretty valid idea.  If you look at the Q scores, LeBron is now one of the six most hated athletes.  Along with Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, and Kobe Bryant.  Notice that the six most hated athletes are all African Americans.  Three of them have NEVER been accosted for crimes at all.  One was in prison, so I get that.  One was accused of rape but never saw trial.  What baffles me is that Brett Favre (who is still my favorite athlete despite playing for the worst team ever) has done what LeBron has done 3 times in three years, waffling between playing and not playing for a certain team.  What baffles me is that Ben Roethlisberger has put himself in harm's way with women twice and isn't in the top 6.  Roger Clemens, who pretty much cheated at baseball isn't among the top 6, but LeBron is?  It makes no sense to me.  Terrell Owens' biggest crime was answering a question the media asks of him about his quarterback, yet he's more hated than an alleged rapist?  Tiger Woods' biggest crime was cheating on his wife, is that worse than cheating at in a sport that values integrity and honesty over statistics (see Pete Rose)?  Look, I know that racism is somewhat fading away, but it's still very prevalent.  Always has been, and always will be.  I have seen multiple people on my facebook friends list join the group: "Dear Lord, This year you took my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze. You took my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett. You took my favorite singer, Michael Jackson. I just wanted to let you know, my favorite president is Barack Obama. Amen."  I don't think there has ever been this much backlash for a president, not even George W. Bush.  That's not a coincidence, my friends.  Like I said, I'm not saying that everyone hates Obama simply because he's black.  There are a lot more groups opposing a president than ever before.  And racism isn't just delegated to politics and negatives.  There are a lot of people that commit reverse racism.  That is to basically assume that because something is said or done, a person has to be offended by it and they must stop the injustice.  I think of that situation with Don Imus and the Rutgers women's basketball team.  Now I'm not condoning what Imus did, but people took his comment way out of proportion.  Honestly, when I first heard it, he delivered it in a pretty funny way.  People jumped all over him and called him the worst racist ever.  I don't think he was trying to be racist.  He just said a line that was more crude than racist.  Basically, people are telling other people that they should be offended by what other says.  Don't tell me how to feel.  If I want to be offended, I'll do it myself.  Point being, we have a long way before we can consider our country enlightened and intelligent.  If you really want racism to stop, go about it scientifically.  Science proves that there is only one color, just the amount of melanin added to that color.  It's Kool-Aid and sugar.  The more sugar that's in it, the sweeter it is.  The more melanin in a person, the darker they are.  Or you can look at it biblically, God loves all and wants all in Heaven.  Just look at each other as people who need love, care, guidance.  Not people who need protection, special rights, and facebook groups wishing death upon them.