Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Touchy Subject? Maybe

So I was watching Glee last night and couldn't help but get enthralled by the subject.  If you didn't, I'll recap as best I can.  Kurt, the gay kid, goes through a bad time when his father has a heart attack and is left in a coma.  Some of his glee club friends tell him that they're praying for his dad.  Kurt doesn't believe in God because of His people.  Surely a blemish on our Christian record as well as a pretty sad commentary on how Christians are viewed by the outside world.  Throughout the episode a bit of a schism comes into play.  Kurt believes everyone is "forcing religion" onto him when he just wants his dad back.  Everyone else thinks Kurt's being "evasive and isolated."  The athiests that watched the show will probably side with Kurt in this battle.  People of faith will be more inspired by how open some of the cast members were about their faith.  I had a day to stew over the episode.  I think Christians should have a better testimony for those who don't believe in God.  You have to make a way to get people that don't know Christ to understand what Christ is about.  That means not going to military funerals with "God Hates Fags" signs.  That means having respect for people that don't look like you.  The KKK have made a mockery of God by saying they're doing God's work by eliminating blacks and Jews.  I'm not saying you do wrong and accept things.  I'm just saying respect other people and love them like Jesus loves us.  It's the least we can do to share Jesus' love with everyone else.  The Jesus I know wouldn't throw a kid out of church for having an earring in his lip or a tattoo on his neck.  Jesus would ask what the tattoos mean and ask how much it hurt.  You athiests aren't excused either.  If you really are as open minded and tolerant as you say you are, when will you go a day without finding something wrong with a Christian or a Republican?  I thought open mindedness meant that you listened to all explanations before developing an opinion.  I love my Lord more than anything.  However part of loving your Lord is loving other people and treating them with respect.  And if you see Jesus in your grilled cheese sandwich, don't ask for weird things like it's a genie.  It's just a funny shaped grilled cheese sandwich.

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