Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Thought I Got Rid of the Crazies

Alright, obviously I've met some pretty nutty characters in my life.  In fact, I'd venture to say that I've been around more crazies than the law should allow.  It's pretty unhealthy to be around the crazies.  Crazies can cause stress.  Crazies can cause problems.  Crazies can eat you out of house and home.  Crazies can get you put in jail if they can convince the right person.  It's really touch and go how you handle these crazies.  I think I've become the authority on how to handle a crazy person.  It took a little training.  Some people don't get all the practice I've had, so they will never be an authority.  So it's best to just follow my lead on this.

It started in preschool.  There was this mean girl that rode my bus.  Everyday, she'd scratch me and bully me on the bus.  Me being the gentleman I was, decided to just ignore the behavior.  Mom saw the scratches one day and asked what happened.  I told her.  Mom said fight back.  So I did, and she never messed with me again.

Then there was that annoying whack job in 3rd grade.  I handled her kind of quickly.  I remembered mom's words about defending myself.  I stuck her in a closet.  It worked.  She knew better.

There was daycare in 4th grade.  Not my proudest moment, but if you'd have seen the nut job that messed with me that day, you'd understand.  The girl was a 5th grader, was about 6 feet tall, 409 pounds, and meaner than a hippo with a hernia.  She messed with me, so I hauled off and smacked her.  Told her to leave me alone.  However, she knew better than to mess with me anymore.

As I got older, I realized that throwing crazy people in the closet or whacking them wasn't the most sound strategy.  Plus, you could go to jail.  So I handled the crazies in more diplomatic ways.  There was the catfish incident that I detailed in my last blog.  I handled that like a Sherlock Homeboy.

I had a crazy set of roommates, mainly a mother and her son.  They were of no help to me.  They spent money on everything but important things, like electricity.  I realized that the best way to rid myself of them was to pray like crazy.  It worked.

I had a crazy ex-girlfriend.  Possibly the craziest of them all.  The things she did and accused me of were pretty nutty.  I just laugh.  It helps a lot.

I recently got a roommate who I thought was excited about the opportunity to live somewhere safe that wasn't a hotel.  Come to find out, she's bat-poo bonkers.  Talking to herself, not getting up to take care of basic physiological needs (read between the lines), and eating everyone's food with little to no reciprocity.  Actually, there was no reciprocity.  She made the biggest messes and called us filthy.  Kind of whack, honestly.  I evicted her, she's leaving tomorrow.  She says she is.  One of her personalities said she was leaving.  The others, we'll see.

Crazy is something I've dealt with all my life.  I don't want to make light of mental illness, but it seems like the ones I come across are kind of malicious.  It's like their crazy isn't really crazy, just down right not nice.  It's like they couldn't care less what they look like in the end, as long as they try to mess me up.

You're going to come across people that are wanting to put you down.  People who want to bring you down into the abyss.  You have to be strong.  Be smart.  Fight back.  Don't allow people to be your downfall.  God has a plan for you.  You stick to that plan, the crazies can't beat you.

Next time a crazy tries to bring you down, give the battle to God.  God has your back.

Friday, January 25, 2013

There's a Hog on My Roof

Everywhere, farmers are in a panic.  They're trying to figure out what in the world is happening.  Pigs are flying all over the world.  Your boy got a Twitter account.  Yes, that's right.  The man who swore he'd never get a Twitter account has one.  I don't know what made me do it outside of a friend who also swore never to get it.

I have to say that it's not so bad.  If you aren't too addicted to it, it's a healthy release.  I think I like using the octothorpe the best.  That's the real name of the pound key/hashtag button if you weren't aware.  You use that to get subjects all popular and stuff.  My hashtags don't work too well.  Oh well.

I should probably be a little more open to social media.  Social media is a way to get everything you want out there quickly.  I don't necessarily like my serious news from social media, but a good bit of cool thoughts and opinions don't hurt much.

I'm also following some friends and famous people.  I even found my first sports crush, Bonnie Bernstein.  She's so pretty.  Maybe she'll see my tweets and talk to me more.  I would love if any of you folks with a Twitter account to follow me.  You can find me ON THIS LINK HERE.  Also, share this blog on your twitter account.  I'm going to post a twitter button on the blog so that you can easily share this as well.

This is going to be a fun ride, this whole Twitter thing.  And maybe Ms. Bernstein will see how much I truly care.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Long Time, No Talk

I know it's been a while since I've posted a blog.  In fact, it's been over a month.  Over that time, I visited my family in South Carolina.  I can honestly say that I needed those two weeks like a linebacker needs a tracking device on his girlfriend.  You really didn't think I would overlook that story, did you?  I'll address that in a minute.

I first want to ask a question about this whole gun control debate.  Is it really wrong to want accountability from the people who buy and sell guns?  A lot of the mass shootings have been perpetrated by those who legally obtained their guns.  Yes, I'm aware that those who may not be eligible to own a firearm will find a way to get it anyway.  However, at the very least, let's attempt to figure out this epidemic.  I don't think a little more responsibility is too much to ask.

I'm sure some of you have heard this crazy story about the linebacker at Notre Dame who had a girlfriend die the same time frame he lost his grandmother.  Now on first listen, it's the worst story in the world.  To lose important people in your life is terrible.  However the twist is that this girlfriend never existed.  Like a complete fake.  The problem is whether or not this linebacker knew about it or was in on the faking.  Best case scenario is this kid is biggest doofus ever.  The worst case scenario is that this kid played with an entire country's emotions.  I've almost been the victim of that same thing.

A while back, about 6 years ago maybe, I met a lady online.  Nice lady, real pretty picture.  We talked on the phone, in chats, everywhere.  It was great, honestly.  However whenever it was a good chance to meet up, something would inexplicably go wrong for her.  I was pretty proactive.  I decided that I would go to her.  Drove to Philadelphia and found out where she was.  She conveniently drove away and her "cousin" met up with me.  Said cousin was the person doing all this. To put it nicely, said cousin did not look anything like the girl in the picture.  She looked like she ate the girl in the picture.  That is terrible, I'm sorry.  However, I'm not sorry about the experience.  If you're thinking that someone online is fake, research.  Figure it out immediately.

Alright, so my Packers went down this year.  I'll live.  My team doesn't stink, so I'm already happy about next year.

This Lance Armstrong thing is pretty cut and dry, honestly.  He cheated, which is the least of his sins.  The fact that he tried to ruin people who told the truth about him is incomprehensible.  He sued, he attacked, he lied, and he just flat out destroyed whoever got in his way.  Ruthlessness has become standard in everything that goes on.  It's all because of sin.  People are imperfect and will do anything to make themselves better.  The problem is being better is better if you do the right thing as opposed to doing the self-serving thing.  One day, people will get that.

Well, this was a fun time.  I'll probably post something again next week and try my best to stay consistent.  I missed this thing.