Friday, June 29, 2012

No Need to Panic

So, I'm sure you're aware that today the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare.  Actually, it's called the Affordable Care Act.  It's basically an act to get more people health insurance.  I think the thing that's bugging me about this is the overwhelming widespread panic happening because of it.

I want to make one thing clear, I claim no political party. I don't like the two party system, and I don't like politics in general.  I think everything is corrupt and money driven.  I understand that that's how it is, but I don't have to like it.

Now, I want to tell you all something.  The country is not dead.  We're not going to blow up.  The country is not doomed.  Maybe your taxes will go up, but taxes have been an issue for us since the 1700s.  We should be used to taxes we don't like.

 I'm going to look at it from the side of the sick people that haven't been able to get health care until now.  I don't know the end game for this.  I don't know how poor we'll be after all the taxes, but I do know that there will be a lot more people able to get health insurance and care because of the elimination of the pre-existing conditions.  If my mom were to switch jobs when she had her breast cancer, she wouldn't be covered.  I know a lot of young people that can't get health insurance because of a pre-existing condition.  From that aspect, I am all for health care reform.

However, if this is truly going to affect my money to the point where I can't be insured, I may be a little more preturbed.  I like how I'm insured as we speak.  My job has a good health plan for me, and I really don't want that affected by some change in the system.  

The point is, trust God.  Let's just try that for a change.  God allows everything to happen for His glory.  Chew on that aspect of life.  Think about how good God has already been to you.  I'm tired of people, particularly God's people losing their minds when a law gets passed.  God gave humans free will to do what they want.  If the government says something, just roll with it.  You don't have to agree with it, and there will be plenty of opportunities to change things with enough movements and rallies and petitions.  Just trust God.  That's how you win the battle you believe you're in.  You trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Stop wigging out when something you don't like happens.  Do what you were promised in 2008, change it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

It's that time again.  I share some random thoughts.  You enjoy them.  Everyone does their job, no one gets hurt.

1.  If you don't want me to call you over and over, answer your phone the first time I call.  It's bad business to avoid people trying to give you something you want.

2.  If some dude in a USA Truck comes to your fireworks tent asking if your sparklers are metal, turn him away.  Just saying.

3.  Who would give a blind chef a live crab?  That's just evil.

4.  Did you know that the garbageman in Toy Story 3 is Sid, the next door neighbor from the first Toy Story movie?

5.  I've been working my tail off like a wild man lately.  I'm pretty proud of myself.

6.  I think eventually, I'm going to have to buckle down and get myself a smartphone.  I really don't think I need one, but it's getting to that point where I need to be able to keep up with the rest of society.

7.  It's a shame my Thunder didn't win the championship.  I'm proud of them.  From where they were 3 years ago to now, it's really an amazing story.

8.  I hope my window dohickey for my air conditioner works well.  I bought it on eBay.  First eBay purchase I've ever made.  Welcome to the 21st Century, Tyrone.

9.  Don't forget to check out my boy Tyler's blog.  It's a lot of fun and a cool thing to do.

That's all I got right now.  Get on the blog sharing train.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

So, today's Turn Back Tuesday is a flashback to a time where I was both frustrated and proud at the same time.


I stand by my thoughts.  I'm tired of people always denying my God.  I can understand why.  Sometimes things don't go exactly their way.  However, I hate to break it to athiests, agnostics, and the like, but life is difficult.  It's hard.  It's not meant to be easy and carefree.  There are times where you wonder what God is doing.  The answer is simple, His will.  Not yours, not your neighbor's, not Mitt Romney's.  God's Will.  That's it, that's all.  The Word says that the fool has said in his heart there is no God.  Well, to deny God is to be foolish.

God has helped me in my life more than I can count.  God has given me so much more than I deserve.  God is great.  That's all I have to say.  If you don't believe, sorry for you.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Top Ten

It's about time for another top ten list.  I wasn't quite sure what I want to list off.  So I'm just going to share the ten things that annoy me the most.

10.  Inserting Peanut Products Into Favorite Foods
I love cake, brownies, cookies, and the like.  I love candy bars a lot.  However it seems like there's always that cook who thinks putting nuts in my food will make it better.  It doesn't.  I hate peanut products.  Not only that, I get looked at like some kind of freak when I show my distaste for peanuts in my food.

9.  Parents Who Do Very Little
If there is one thing that can annoy me, it's the lacsidasical way that some parents handle their children.  Back when I was little, I didn't even think of acting up.  I'd catch one upside the head before the thought could come to fruition.  Parents need to start putting the boots to their kids' behinds when they act up.  Kids need parents, not old friends.

8.  Complainers
Look, life doesn't cooperate for you sometimes.  There are days where you just have to understand that fact.  Those who don't understand that seem to cry all the time.  It's time people just realize that you have to beat the odds and love life.  I'm thinking about rocking a t-shirt that says "LIFE" on it and handing out lemons to people.

7.  Changes on Facebook
Facebook likes to change things on people without warning.  They did the whole timeline dohickey.  They made your comments public to people you don't know.  They like to give you suggestions of friends.  However, today I found out that they listed my email address as  That's not my email address.  My email address is  If you want to fix your facebook email address, go to THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.

6.  Channing Tatum Movies
I'm already sick of them, and I haven't seen one.  That's all I got.

5.  Putting Onions on My Burger
I ask for no onions.  I expect to not have onions on my burger.  Civic Center're on my bad list.

4.  Pop Music
It's just not right that this stuff is the moneymakers.  Considering how awesome Charlie Wilson is, it's a shame that we have to hear LMFAO and Katy Perry all the time.  No offense, I'm sure they work hard, but they're awful.

3.  Guns, Knives, and the Like.
Look, I'm not against anyone's right to have those things.  In most cases, it's all good really.  However, my annoyance is with those who bring those to a fight or challenge.  It makes me question your manhood.  Like I said, protect your house, no problem.  However it's the whole, "let's fight" and then bring a weapon to said good.

2.  Jumping to Conclusions
I've had a hard time with folks thinking one thing or another about me.  It's been like that pretty much my whole life.  People seem to think that if I do something kind for someone, there's some kind of feeling for them.  Not a fair thing to do.  How about asking me what I'm thinking instead of thinking it for me.  Thanks.

1.  Racism
The main thing I have an issue with is something that all people should have an issue with.  At what point will we as a human race realize that we're all pretty much the same.  We have the same insides.  We may have a lack or abundance of melanin, but we're all in this battle together.  Christ put us all together to love Him.  However how can we love Christ if we can't take the time to love each other.  To love Christ is to love others.  It's really an easy concept.  Maybe one day we'll erase racism forever.  One day we'll drop all this silliness and start doing the right thing.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Open Letter Saturday

Today's the day I write a letter to someone or something that will probably never read this.  Unless one of you is friends with said subject and is willing to send this to them.

Dear Me:

You're wearing yourself out.  You have gone non stop all day long.  It's really tiring to see you going from here to there to everywhere.  Granted, what you're doing is great.  Selling fireworks for missions is a wonderful idea.  It's something that is easy and fun to do, but it can drain you.  Then you go to work to take your fella to his baseball game?  Wow, man you're a machine out there.  Then you go BACK to the fireworks tent?  And you didn't even sign up.  You just showed up and worked.  I guess that's a trait you should be proud of.  I mean, it's not everyday that people just do all they can for little in the paycheck.  

I guess that's the kind of guy you are.  People say that they wish people would work harder than they do now, but truth be told, they really mean other people than themselves should work harder.  Watching the whole 99% thing really put this in perspective I guess.  People want more in their pockets, and that's fine.  However nine times out of ten, the people that want more won't do more.  So, congratulations Tyrone.  You're doing what the 1% did to get to where they are now.  You're working your tail off.  You're doing what you should be doing.  The Bible says that if a man doesn't work, a man doesn't eat.  And although there are plenty of extenuating circumstances as to why some can't work, most of the people that won't work are just not interested in doing the bare minimum to get what they want.  

Way to go, Tyrone.

P.S.  That extra work should go into something amazing, like a bacon sundae from Burger King.  Get

Friday, June 22, 2012

Music Friday

This week's music is all about what happens when you meet the one.

I have to apologize to Mr. Charlie Wilson for sleeping on him for so long.  Not literally, that would be weird. Basically, Charlie Wilson has been around for a while, and I haven't been listening to him much.  Part of it was because 97.7 The Vibe has only been available for me for a couple of months.  However I should be better at finding music than I am.  Pandora is a good place to get good music.  The shame of it all is that because there isn't a premium on good music anymore, crappy music takes over.  Some lame chick with a dollar sign in her name has more album sales than Charlie Wilson, I'm sure.  It's a shame because he's been around for so long.  He used to be the lead singer of The Gap Band.  Google that.

Anyway, the video is a pretty good depiction of love.  Yes that is Snoop Dogg and his wife.  They are celebrating their life in this music video.  It's amazing what a good woman can do for you.  I'm sure one day I'll be singing that song about my lady.  Right now, I don't have a lady, but that's because I haven't really met anyone worth my effort.  I know that sounds so self-serving, but truth be told, this is my forever I'm talking about.  My forever is important to me.  Can't be wasting my forever on a mean, lazy, crazy chick.  You have to be right.  You have to be that girl that I can just point to in a crowd and say, "that one."  I'm sure I'll find her.  I'm sure she could be right under my nose.  Which would mean she's really short considering my laptop is literally on my lap right now.  Either that or she lives underground.  Truth be told, a lot can be said for finding that girl who I can say, "there goes my baby."  I know one thing, people will be jealous of that girl one day.  Because I'll treat her like a princess.

You thought I was going to say something awesome about myself.  Nah, I'll let her do that.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My People

I have to preface this blog by saying that I love my Lord with all my heart.  I trust Him with my life and my future.  I also love the Lord's people, my fellow Christians.  I love everyone, that's what God commands.  However, I have an issue with my fellow Christians at times.

I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of judgement from my fellow Christians to others.  The thing that really upsets me is that some of the judgement is of fellow Christians.  It is truly bothersome that we are so judgemental of our own.  If our own does anything that may stray from what we think is the right way, instead of coming to them in love, we immediately label them as backsliding.

Look, I'm all about calling a spade a spade.  I'm all about honesty, clarity, and transparency.  However, I feel like we are too quick to judge and find fault.  We always try to find a reason for why people are in the struggles they're in instead of trying to get them out of the struggle.  It's time that we stop finding reasons and start finding solutions.  Yes I agree that there are times where we are to blame for the messes we're in.  However, it's not our job to call people on it as soon as the issue comes up.  The job we have is to help first.  When the adulterous woman was brought to Jesus, it was expected that He would sign off on her persecution.  Instead, He gave free reign to anyone without sin.  Jesus then told her He loved her and told her to sin no more.  Love, care, then tell people what their issue is.  That's how Jesus did it.

I just wish that there was some more unity within our Christians.  It kind of bugs me that we should know better than to tear people down and do it anyway.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

It's another week of random thoughts.  Enjoy

1.  I don't know much about this Fast and Furious fiasco, but the fact that there is a steadfast effort to sweep it under the rug upsets me greatly.  Now some "news" sources are going to call it a full on scandal.  Other "news" sources are going to poo poo on it to the point that its followers are going to be desensitized so that they can lean I mean move on from it in November.

2.  I'm pretty much going to say that my Oklahoma City Thunder may have to wait till next year to win that championship.  I'm proud of my team's effort.  They played every game hard.  However, sometimes you have to accept the fact that the powers that be need to have someone that is being crowned the face of the league win a championship.  I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but if it walk like a duck and quacks like a duck, it ain't a dang mongoose.

3.  I love my friends.  I'm so glad I decided to really open my heart and be a friend like I should be to others.  It's hard to be friends with people when you've seen nothing but heartbreak and disappointment.  Thanks for my friends.

4.  Today is the official first day of summer.  Apparently, it is the longest day of the year.  After my day at work, I concur.

5.  Craig Avenue Rec Center, feel free to get your pool table fixed.  Thanks.

6.  The BCS is considering a playoff with 4 teams.  That's garbage.  It should be a 16 team tournament.  11 Conference champions plus 5 wild cards.  You should be able to win your 8-10 state conference before you go around claiming you're the best team out of 50 states.  And in some cases, you should at least be able to win your 4-5 state division within your conference.

7.  My neighbor left their charcoal grill out for pick up.  If it looks fairly decent, Tyrone might have himself a new grill.

8.  What's New Scooby-Doo is a very fun show.  It's kind of cool how that show transcends time.

9.  I love Movie Night at my friend Lauren's backyard.  Outside of breaking her chair, it's been fun.

10.  Watching WWE On Demand kind of saddens me.  To see all of the dead wrestlers on there shows me how short life can be.  Some of my favorites aren't around anymore.  The worst case being Macho Man Randy Savage.

That's all for this week.  I think I'm going to share a poll as to what I'll do since my Thunder didn't win a championship.  Actually, no I won't.  I shall believe until the clock says 00:00.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

Today's Turn Back Tuesday is my discovery of Antoine Dodson and other depictions of black folks in the news.

My issues with the news, in blog form. Click this.

So looking at this blog, it's easy to see where my frustrations lie.  They lie within the confines of the disturbing depictions of African Americans.  It seems like nothing has changed.  It seems like the most unqualified person is giving their opinions on the most pertinent of topics.  I wonder why the news does this.  It's like their goal isn't to tell the news, just to make the people that aren't particularly good with words look even worse.  Now yes, I do believe that it would go a long way if there was a larger emphasis on mastering the English language a lot better.  It would help if black folks weren't afraid to sound like a sell out or something if they phrase things properly.  However, that is neither here nor there.  The news has a responsibility to tell a story with nothing but facts.  You don't really get facts when the news is just trying to disparage those who aren't as well versed in double negatives.

I wish there were a fine for doing this sort of thing.  Like it could be considered a hate crime for making people look terrible.

Still don't get how there were no white people interested in the chicken special...

Monday Top Ten

So tonight I had dinner with a friend.  Well, I ate dinner while she drank a milkshake.  It made me think of some of my favorite places to eat out.  So, here is my top ten places I love to eat.  Feel free to give your opinions and suggestions for places I could go.

10.  Thelma's Chicken and Waffles
This should probably be higher, but I've only eaten there once.  It's a nice joint.  They actually fry your chicken to order, so the food takes longer to get to you.  However, one bite of that chicken and you'll completely understand the long wait.

9.  Burger King
I never said the places I eat are classy places.  I loved the Triple Whopper with Cheese.  I could hear my arteries clog with each scrumptious bite.  My new obsession is Mocha Iced Coffee with Whipped Cream.  I also happened to get the bacon sundae yesterday.  Amazing.

8.  Cheddars
I would put this higher on the list, except the last time I went there, I ran into my crazy ex and her delusional family.  Seems like nothing but problems happen there.  However, the food is great.  You also get huge portions at a lower price.  American comfort foods at its finest.

7.  IHOP
I remember when it was called the International House of Pancakes.  I do like their pancakes, but my go to meal is the bacon wrapped sirloin with 2 eggs and hash browns.  IHOP has really become a good place to eat.

6.  O'Brien Meats
This place is actually a hole in the wall butcher shop in Salem, VA.  I rank it so high because they make the best sandwiches on the planet.  You can get a sandwich with as many ingredients as you want with a 20 oz drink and chips for about 4 bucks.  And considering that it's a butcher shop, you know the meat is legit.

5.  Wendy's
I love me some triple deluxe with fries and drink.  I actually really love the Wild Berry Shake at Wendy's.  Very yummy.  I would rank this in the top 3, but the rule is that if there is more than 3 people in line at once, everything falls apart.

4.  Hooters
I only go there once a month to watch a WWE Pay Per View.  Any place that offers me free viewing of a 50+ dollar television show is in the top 5.

3.  Buffalo Wild Wings
See Hooters, but exchange WWE Pay Per View with UFC Pay Per View.  Oh you know I will be at some BWW watching the Silva-Sonnen fight.  Just saying.

2.  Sheetz
I've never had a bad meal there.  They make your food fresh, and it's really cheap if you have a Sheetz Card. Plus, the card takes 3 cents off per gallon of gas.  For a while, the card got you 25 cent chicken wings on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Wildberry Lemonade drink.

1.  Mom's House
Considering I only get there about 5 times a year, it's considered eating out.  Nothing like mom's homecooked meals to make me joyous.  Although I have to say that take out Chinese at mom's is just as good.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Open Letter Saturday

I kind of liked the "open letter" format I did last week.  It's a chance for me to tell someone or something my feelings about them. They could be good, they could be bad.  I guess it depends on who you are and how you feel.

Open Letter to Fathers and Kids:

It's going to be Fathers' Day tomorrow.  It's a chance for your kids to show them their appreciation for all you've done for them.  It's a chance for your kids to tell you they really love you.  Maybe they'll buy you a nice watch or a make you a hearty dinner.  That's all well and good.  Except for one thing.  A lot of you aren't there.

Everyday, I hear stories of fathers who aren't really doing what they need to do.  They aren't seeing their children.  They don't have any contact with their kids.  Not just when they're young, but now.  I understand that it's tough being a dad.  Especially now with teenagers having kids at alarming rates, it's tough to be a dad.  I understand that.  But if you're mature enough to take the pleasure of making a child, you should take pleasure in caring for the child.

I lost my dad at a very early age.  It was tough for me to see and hear about other kids hanging out and playing with their dads.  However, it was even tough to hear about kids who didn't have their dads around because their dad chose not to be there.  It hurt even worse when I hear good fathers get trashed by their kids because they got the wrong color Hot Wheels.

If you are fortunate enough to be a dad, be there for your kids.  Love them.  Call them.  Talk to them and give them advice.  Share your wisdom with your kids.

If have a dad, talk to him.  He's smart.  He's been through some things.  If you happen to have a neglectful dad who really didn't earn your love, love him anyway.  The worst thing you can do is hold a grudge.  Holding grudges means nothing.  He's sleeping at night while you're miserable.  It's not fair.  So forgive and relieve your stress.  Erase your hate of him and just love him.  Trust me when I tell you that you'll feel a lot better and sleep a lot easier.

Music Friday

I've been wanting to play this song for a while.  It's a great song.  I'm not going to bore with some story about summer.  In fact, all I'll say is enjoy your summer.  Go out and do something fun.  Hit the golf course.  Go to to a water park.  Visit an out of town friend.  This is the time to do it.  It's warm, it's nice.  It's the perfect time.  Just be careful.  Boating drunk is just as dumb as driving drunk.  Hit a family reunion, unless your family hates you.  Then you crash it.  Go to a blacktop and play some basketball.  Even if the other players are half your age, just have fun.  That's all I have for you.  Enjoy what God has given us.  Summer is a beautiful time of year.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My people...that's all I got.

You know, sometimes I have to question black people.  Now I know that my people have gone through some terrible atrocities in history.  Not just that, but there are people that believe we are a lower life form than others.  It's really terrible at times.  You look at the Trayvon Martin case, Jim Crow Laws, and the like and think, wow.  However there are other times in black history where I say wow for all the wrong reasons.

So, after reading this poster, you wonder what is happening in society.  I give this mother points for creativity, however we have to stop with the outer space spellings of our children.  I wonder what this poor child was thinking in preschool when she had to spell her name with macaroni. 

- "Okay, here I go.  L-E-....umm, excuse me Teacher.  What is this thing?" 
- "It's your hyphen.  We pronounce the dash."

This also goes for the multitude of black folks on Maury.  The ones that yell at twelve men, telling them they're all the father and they're 1 million percent sure.  Just a heads up, if the man you're accusing is the father, it doesn't mean you're not promiscuous.  It just means you're a good guesser.  And the booty dance you do when you do get it right is unbecoming.

This also goes for fighting in the club, believing you can do whatever you want because Obama is the president, and being late to everything.  

My people...that's all I got.

Oh, and I still haven't forgiven the OJ Simpson jury for saving him.  Although I do blame the prosecution for fouling up the case royally.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

It's that time.  Time to go all helter skelter with my thoughts.  Enjoy.

1.  Watching the documentary on the ONLY Dream Team, the 1992 U.S. Olympic Basketball Team.  Don't be fooled by all these other teams that came along.  That team IS the Dream Team.

2.  I had a rare day off.  My poor fella had his wisdom teeth taken out.  So I went to the mall with my homey and her son.  She got sunglasses, I got to hang with a cool kid.

3.  Is it me, or does Adam Sandler play the same part in every movie?  It was funny when he was an oversized 3rd grader trying to win the heart of Miss Veronica Vaughn.  However when he plays a deadbeat dad to that guy from The Lonely Island, it kind of gets lame.

4.  I may have to crumble and get some kind of Twitter account.  Seems like I can't talk to anyone without having some kind of social media account.

5.  So I watched TMNT for the first time.  It was animated unlike the first three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies.  It was pretty good, except they made April O'Neil way too adept at karate.  From the old cartoons, she just whacked the foot clan with boom mics.

6.  I want a grill.  I want to invite homeys to my crib for cookouts and stuff.  I need a slightly bigger television  though.  And a loveseat.

7.  I shot my best score ever at the Par 3 course this past weekend.  I'm pretty proud of myself.

8.  MasterChef is an incredible show.  I can't believe I missed the first two seasons.  I think I have an idea for a gift for me.  DVD collection anyone?

9.  Why do people act surprised that I'm afraid of escalators?  Am I the only one?  I can't be.

10.  Didn't they make like three Spider-Man movies already?  Ecclesiastes says it best, there is nothing new under the sun.

That's all I have for this week.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Thanks for the support.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

Today's flashback goes back to July, 2010.  I basically was getting a kick out of reality shows and wanted to show my love for them.

Tyrone's Love of Reality

First thing I noticed about my blog is that I really just rambled.  I could go back and edit it a tad.  Actually I think I will.

Okay, now that that's fixed, let's move on to what I think now.  I think that reality television shows may have fallen off tremendously.  They are even worse than they used to be.  It used to be somewhat watchable.  Now, I can't even watch America's Got Talent anymore.  However, I think that's more because I miss Piers Morgan more than anything.  I do enjoy Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.  Gordon Ramsay is a pretty hilarious guy to watch.  Also liking MasterChef.  I love The Ultimate Fighter, mostly because there isn't a hint of judging bias on the show.  You stay in the running by winning fights.

Reality television to me is sports.  I think sports is the most real of reality television.  You can see raw emotions.  Nothing is fabricated.  Writers aren't there to sully the game.  Referees might, judges will (in boxing), but in the end, it's all about who is better.

It seems like more shows are based on reality than ever before.  Fox keeps churning out weak reality shows.  The Choice?  Lame.  I just didn't like it at all.  Seems like Bachelor and Bachelorette are getting sillier and sillier by the moment.  Everyone is just trying to be just outlandish enough to be the next subject of the show.  American Idol is terrible, still.  It's just getting to the point where there isn't much to watch on television.  I've been getting into On Demand television.  Mostly WWE Classics on Demand.  I love watching old wrestling shows.

Wrestling is the realist of all...well it's still real to me, dang it!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Top Ten

So, my favorite basketball team is in the NBA Finals.  They used to be the Seattle SuperSonics, but they moved to Oklahoma City when they were sold to Clay Bennett.  I am usually the world's more cautious fan when it comes to my teams and their chances in games.  I don't even celebrate victory until the clock is on 00:00.  However I feel like I have to say that I have nothing but confidence that the Thunder will win the title this year.  They're playing so well, and they just beat the incredibly talented San Antonio Spurs to get to this point.  I'm just feeling good about this.  However, just in case my team does lose, I feel like I have to do something.  So here are my top ten things I'll do if the Oklahoma City Thunder don't win the NBA Championship this year.

10.  Read 50 Shades of Grey
Never read the book.  I don't like sitting down and reading, truth be told.  I've heard nothing but crazy about that book.  Great reason to read it, I know.

9.  Wear Skinny Jeans for a Week
I've seen those things.  They don't look comfortable at all.  I don't think I could ever pull them off.  Literally, I don't think they'd come off if I put them on.

8.  Listen to Country Music for a Week
I already have to listen to country with my fella.  It's not torture, but I've had worse a stomach virus in the 2nd grade.

7.  Eat a Peanut Butter Sandwich
I hate peanut butter.  No, you don't understand.  I could seriously go on a crusade to end peanut butter.  It's gross; it's sticky; it's not for me.  No thanks.

6.  Call Random Friend and Sing Them a Song
I try not to sing in public.  I try not to sing in front of people.  I like the audience I have when I sing alone in my car.

5.  Wear a Virginia Tech Jersey in Charlottesville, VA
I got a VT shirt at a yard sale for two bucks so I could go to a Hokie game without fearing for my life.  I haven't worn it since.  Charlottesville is the home of the Hokies' greatest rival.  I'd be in some deep trouble.

4.  Wear a Pink Shirt to the Race Track
I help my friend, Richard with his race car at the race track.  Now the atmosphere is a tad more manly and gruff.  So my "Tough Guys Wear Pink" t-shirt could be detrimental to me.

3. Watch the Kardashians
I'm not a fan of television shows where the people are useless.  The Kardashians have done little to nothing to be famous.  Getting caught on a private tape and having it spread all over the planet isn't really doing anything.  Watching them and helping them make money goes against everything I believe in.

2.  Listen to an LMFAO CD
That group is terrible.  How dare they call what they do music.  That's all I got, moving on.

1.  Watch a Channing Tatum Movie
That guy is the worst actor ever.  It's a shame that he makes millions of dollars because he's decent looking. I remember when you had to have talent and skill to be successful.  Nowadays, it's all about marketing.  Terrible actor...hideous.  HA, the spell checker doesn't even think Channing is a real word.  Such a loser.

However, I don't have to worry about that mess because the Thunder will beat the Heat.  Thunder Up!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Open Letter

I could make this a Saturday tradition, depending on how this goes.  Let me know if you would like that.

Dear Golf Game,

Look, I understand that we haven't been too close for the first 20+ years of my life.  I'm sorry for that.  I kind of mocked you for a while.  However, I took you up and realized that you're kind of therapeutic.  I get that I've used you for my own personal gain.  The gain being having time along outside.  I understand that at times, I can get a little angry with you.  However, the least you can do is cooperate with me when I try to make myself better for you.  I hit the driving range.  I go to beginner courses so that I don't disrespect your wonderful tradition of not stinking.  I just want you to be my friend and allow me to be better than I am now.  When I get the nerve to play with other people, I'm going to need you to be good to me.  I don't want you embarrassing me in front of the golfer people.  And by golfer people, I mean white folk.  Yeah, I know I'm being stereotypical, but it all comes down to that.  Some of them don't want people like me to be good at you.  You see how they did Tiger Woods.  So, please be good to me.  Have the decency to get me into the good graces of the golfer people.  Also, please have the kindness to allow me to finish a hole in one putt or less.  I'm tired of using Bubba Watson's name in vain when I fail to sink a 4 footer.


Tyrone J Dudley

P.S. If I do become really good at this game, can I have a couple of Tiger Woods's old girlfriends?

Music Friday

First of all, I'm pretty upset that the actual music video had the embedding option disabled.  So, I was at a friend's house for a movie in the backyard.  It was quite fun.  The movie was Dirty Dancing.  I know you're asking why I'm watching Dirty Dancing, but it's simple.  It's a good flick.

So, why this song.  Simple, it's a good interpretation of how we as men feel as if we can't quite obtain that dream girl.  So what are we supposed to do?  We can't grow perfect abs.  We can't really have writers give us smooth lines.  All we have is a hope that whoever we're desiring can see how good of a person we are and how much we care and hope that they can accept it.

So why can't people see the good in others?  Why do we skip over the nice person for the eye candy?  I think it's because we're a bunch of superficial chumps.  In the end, we all just want that perfect looking specimen.  Most of the time, we have to sacrifice all the good that we beg for just to get that hottie.

That special person isn't really like the wind, they're just like everyone else.  Let's stop looking for the perfect specimen and start looking at the perfect personality.  Let's be that person of other people's dreams.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Toothpaste Laced in Stupid

So, I'm sure some of you have heard the story of America's Former Sweetheart, Amanda Bynes and her troubles with the law.  She was arrested not so long ago for driving under the influence after a hit and run.  Well, apparently, that was the beginning of her troubles.  She was also charged with backing into a curb and sideswiping another car while she was texting (told you texting and driving is a bad idea).  Her driving skills are suspect at best, but that's not what I want to focus on.

Click to read this story.

Okay, so here's the summary, this chick tweeted Barack Obama to get her out of this mess she's in.  She didn't call her lawyer or her mother, she tweeted the President.  The leader of the free world.  The man who for the next 5 months will be working hard on trying to get people to vote for him.  Yes, because the President is so interested in this chick's legal problems.

What happened to common sense?  Someone I know once said that common sense isn't really that common.  It's so true.  It seems like everyone's toothpaste is laced with stupid.  Seems like this planet is suffering from a malignant case of wall to wall moron.  People now think that tweeting the President is going to get them out of legal trouble.  They feel like their celebrity is enough to get help from higher ups.  I guess I can understand why she did this.  Considering how much of a celebrity President Obama is, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that she thought she was just tweeting her homey for a hook up.  It just baffles me how celebrities nowadays believe they are God's gift to God.  If used to be that celebrities had some kind of semblance of respect for the law and what not.  I guess when you see Charlie Sheen continue to skirt any kind of responsibility for anything he does, it's easy to think that you're under that same rule.

With all the tweeting and Facebooking that we do with stars, it gives them a false sense of worth.  You act, you direct, you play some sport, or your grandfather's a big time hotel chain're not above the law.  I wish people would keep other people accountable.  Iron sharpens iron, people.

People also need to lay off the bowls of Stupid Toast Crunch for breakfast...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

It's that time again.  The day I decide to share my favorite thoughts with all my favorite readers.

1.  Today was the last day of school.  What a wonderful day it was.  We had a class breakfast, got to watch our video highlighting the school year, ate hot dogs, and cleaned a lot.  Totally blessed to have a job that I enjoy.  You know what they say, "if you enjoy what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

2.  Take a moment to read Tyler Coleman's blog.  He's a good pal and a good guy.  He's doing a blog every week about new things he's trying.  I'd do three of the four, but that's me.  Seriously, he needs good support.

3.  Well, no more weekends of work for me.  Awesome.  That gives me weekends to do fun things with friends and help my friend with his racecar.  Hooray.

4.  I'm not a fan of whatever is happening with this voter purging in different states.  People who earned the right to vote are being expelled from the records.  Particularly those who would vote Democrat in the Presidential Election.  Particularly those who are minorities.  It's really a shame if that's happening.  How are they getting the ability to vote in the first place if they are ineligible?  Just wondering.

5.  Speaking of fraud, what's with the America's Got Talent contestant who could be faking his injuries?  I didn't really want to watch it with Howard Stern there instead of Piers Morgan, but now I'm certain I don't want to watch it.  Now no one from the original season is left.  However, it was never, ever going to get better than this:

6.  Who names their kid Sponjetta with a straight face?

7.  So let me get this straight, Democrats in Wisconsin were so mad that their Republican Governor wasn't doing what they wanted.  They decide to have a recall election thinking that they would somehow get the same voters to change their mind.  The definition of insanity, "doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result."  I'm sure I'm missing a lot of details, but that seems to be the brass tacks of it.

8.  I saw the mailman in the neighborhood.  Why is my outgoing mail still there?  That makes no sense.  I know the U.S. Postal Service is having some issues, but ignoring my mailbox completely is unacceptable.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

Today's Turn Back Tuesday takes us back to July 2010.  I'll explain how this after you read it.

Click this link to go back to this particular blog from July 28, 2010

I'm not going to lie, I get a tad agitated when people doubt my domestic abilities.  When I tell people that my mom had me doing my own laundry in the third and fourth grade, they kind of give me funny looks.  When I tell people that I taught myself how to cook, it really throws them for a loop.  It's fun to throw people off their game with my skills at things.

I still feel the same way about women.  If they want to be treated equally, they have to treat us equally.  That means that if I come into a room talking about how hot some woman is, don't get mad.  I don't get mad when you gush about some studly guy.  When you do something like change your own oil, don't act like it's some kind of accomplishment because you're a woman.  If you can do it blindfolded, talk to me.

I'm all about equal rights.  If a woman has the same amount of experience as a man at a profession, she should get equal pay.  If a woman wants to try out for the Oakland Raiders, she can.  Of course, she needs criminal record first to be on the practice squad, but hey it's her deal.

Quit tripping about a single guy who bakes cookies.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Top Ten

So I've decided that I'd do another themed day.  To go with Turn Back Tuesdays, Hectic Hump Day, and Music Friday, now I'm bringing you a Monday Top Ten.  Every Monday, I'm going to bring you my top ten of some kind of subject or topic.  If you have a suggestion for a top ten, please give me ideas.  I love to get ideas from others, as long as they're good ideas.

Today's top ten list is based on the summer time.  My top ten things I will NOT be doing this summer.

10.  Miss an episode of Hell's Kitchen
Anyone who knows anything knows that Gordon Ramsay is hilarious.  I love watching him go nuts when someone undercooks a risotto or forgets how to crack an egg.

9.  Watch a Channing Tatum movie
There are certain things in life that are known to be true.  Channing Tatum being a waste of money for any movie is one of them.  I've seen soap opera stars with better acting skills.  He'd be too terrible for Passions.

8.  Getting a tan
Don't need one.  I'll be darker, but not much.

7.  Missing Silva-Sonnen II
The first fight was epic.  I will see that fight.  I may even bring Eddie with me.

6.  Catching a foul ball at a baseball game
I went with a friend and her dad recently.  I'm pretty sure he'd take me out for a foul ball.  I know my limits.

5.  Going to the Salem Fair
I've been once since I've moved here to Virginia.  That place is crawling with underdressed middle schoolers and toothless rednecks.  Not my type of party.  Although I must say that this could change if the right person  invites me.  And by right person, I mean someone who will a) have my back after I say something smart to one of those people, and b) be able to laugh with me at the folks we'll see there.

4.  Getting married
Sorry mom...

3.  Missing out on the blessing of the mission trip I'm going on
My church is going to Sugar Hill, GA.  I'm very excited to be helping people in need.

2.  Letting people or circumstance bring me down
Last summer, I had a terrible summer.  I went through some pretty tough personal times.  This year, I'm just happy that God has been with me no matter what.  No one is bringing me down.  Nothing is bringing me down.

1.  Swim at a neighborhood pool
Crazy people live near pools, can't have that.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Battle

I've kind of noticed something.  There seems to be a bit of an influx a denial of the existence of God.  I've seen more Facebook posts, random photos, and television shows that continue to discredit God as something more than a figment of Christians' imaginations.  I've questioned why that is.

It could be because of the incredibly terrible things that the people of God have done at times.  I think of Westboro Baptist Church and how they continue to disrespect our deceased soldiers with protests during funerals.  I think of many pastors and preachers who preach the Word of God and then do something immoral the next week.  I reflect on the many times I've said, done, or thought something terrible in the day that I praise the Lord.  Look, I'm aware that Christians are a carnal, sinful, and hypocritical people.  I get that.  However, God has already pointed that out about us.  I think people need to stop looking for perfection from Christians and start looking for us for love.

Speaking of love, that's a big reason why we catch a bad rap.  There is way too much love being left in the church and not being spread out to everyone.  Way too many Christians going straight to the rule book and not going to the book of love.  There are times where people just need a helping hand instead of a judging finger.  Way too many Christians see the wrong in people instead of the need.  We need to be willing to help those, no matter the circumstance.  That could really give God the glory He deserves.

The last thing I think that causes people to deny God's existence is Satan himself.  The best way to keep people from accepting the Lord is to tell them that there is no Lord to accept.  Way too many people throw away and dismiss God because it's easier than accepting Him and following Him.  Accepting God means that you kind of have to do what He says.  It means you sort of have to see the wrong you have in yourself and want to improve it.  We live in a society that tells us that we're wonderful no matter what.  It starts when we're babies.  Babies may do something not nice, but we just call it cute.  I remember once when my nephew said a swear word while watching fireworks.  We did a good job of not putting too much attention on it so that it can be dismissed, however many times when a baby says something unsavory, we call it adorable.  I remember that YouTube video of the little girl explaining why she was afraid to go to bed.  In a PG paraphrase, she said that the monster under her bed would kick her behind.  I believe we have too many people stroking egos and not enough people being real with each other.  It's kind of like that big girl who wore the outfit that she had no business wearing.  Her friends probably told her that she looked good knowing darn well that she looked horrible.  I think we have that same mindset of telling people they're great just to spare feelings.

In general, God exists.  He exists because of all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me.  He exists because of all the blessings He's bestowed upon our country.  He has done things in my life that can only be explained as God doing it.  Yes, that also includes taking away my grandmother to keep her from being in too much pain.  Yes, it includes me losing my dad at the age of 6.  Everything is of God.  Everything that happens has a reason and a purpose.  God knows what He's doing in everyone's lives.  Sometimes you have to sit back and wait for the reason.

God is a good God.  He's done good for me.  He can do good for you, even if you don't think He's t

Friday, June 1, 2012

Music Friday

It's another chance for me to share some music that I like with the rest of you.'s good music.

This is what music used to be.  Yes I know that people 20 years younger than me will tell me that that's not music, that something else was music.  My point is, if you wanted to hear good music in the 1990s, you're finding Boyz II Men.  I honestly believe that this is the last great musical group of all time.  I haven't heard one song by that One Direction group, but I refuse to listen to them.

These new groups are all manufactured, Auto-Tuned, and over-hyped.  What happened to groups that knew each other as kids?  Boyz II Men were a bunch of kids from Philly just singing on the stoop.  Now it's producers having tryouts, then sending them into the studio to butcher music.

The worst is that now music stars are being made through television shows.  You throw a bunch of kids into a television studio, make a crappy television show, and then let them play music star in the studio.  The result is a bunch of terrible artists flooding the airwaves.  Bring back good music.  Bring back harmony.  Bring back rhythm.  Bring back some passion in songs.  The closest to that kind of thing in music is that Adele chick.  Her voice is amazing.

The farthest by far is LMFAO.  Can't believe I have friends that really like that mess...