Saturday, June 9, 2012

Music Friday

First of all, I'm pretty upset that the actual music video had the embedding option disabled.  So, I was at a friend's house for a movie in the backyard.  It was quite fun.  The movie was Dirty Dancing.  I know you're asking why I'm watching Dirty Dancing, but it's simple.  It's a good flick.

So, why this song.  Simple, it's a good interpretation of how we as men feel as if we can't quite obtain that dream girl.  So what are we supposed to do?  We can't grow perfect abs.  We can't really have writers give us smooth lines.  All we have is a hope that whoever we're desiring can see how good of a person we are and how much we care and hope that they can accept it.

So why can't people see the good in others?  Why do we skip over the nice person for the eye candy?  I think it's because we're a bunch of superficial chumps.  In the end, we all just want that perfect looking specimen.  Most of the time, we have to sacrifice all the good that we beg for just to get that hottie.

That special person isn't really like the wind, they're just like everyone else.  Let's stop looking for the perfect specimen and start looking at the perfect personality.  Let's be that person of other people's dreams.

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