Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

It's that time again.  I share some random thoughts.  You enjoy them.  Everyone does their job, no one gets hurt.

1.  If you don't want me to call you over and over, answer your phone the first time I call.  It's bad business to avoid people trying to give you something you want.

2.  If some dude in a USA Truck comes to your fireworks tent asking if your sparklers are metal, turn him away.  Just saying.

3.  Who would give a blind chef a live crab?  That's just evil.

4.  Did you know that the garbageman in Toy Story 3 is Sid, the next door neighbor from the first Toy Story movie?

5.  I've been working my tail off like a wild man lately.  I'm pretty proud of myself.

6.  I think eventually, I'm going to have to buckle down and get myself a smartphone.  I really don't think I need one, but it's getting to that point where I need to be able to keep up with the rest of society.

7.  It's a shame my Thunder didn't win the championship.  I'm proud of them.  From where they were 3 years ago to now, it's really an amazing story.

8.  I hope my window dohickey for my air conditioner works well.  I bought it on eBay.  First eBay purchase I've ever made.  Welcome to the 21st Century, Tyrone.

9.  Don't forget to check out my boy Tyler's blog.  It's a lot of fun and a cool thing to do.

That's all I got right now.  Get on the blog sharing train.

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