Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday Top Ten

So tonight I had dinner with a friend.  Well, I ate dinner while she drank a milkshake.  It made me think of some of my favorite places to eat out.  So, here is my top ten places I love to eat.  Feel free to give your opinions and suggestions for places I could go.

10.  Thelma's Chicken and Waffles
This should probably be higher, but I've only eaten there once.  It's a nice joint.  They actually fry your chicken to order, so the food takes longer to get to you.  However, one bite of that chicken and you'll completely understand the long wait.

9.  Burger King
I never said the places I eat are classy places.  I loved the Triple Whopper with Cheese.  I could hear my arteries clog with each scrumptious bite.  My new obsession is Mocha Iced Coffee with Whipped Cream.  I also happened to get the bacon sundae yesterday.  Amazing.

8.  Cheddars
I would put this higher on the list, except the last time I went there, I ran into my crazy ex and her delusional family.  Seems like nothing but problems happen there.  However, the food is great.  You also get huge portions at a lower price.  American comfort foods at its finest.

7.  IHOP
I remember when it was called the International House of Pancakes.  I do like their pancakes, but my go to meal is the bacon wrapped sirloin with 2 eggs and hash browns.  IHOP has really become a good place to eat.

6.  O'Brien Meats
This place is actually a hole in the wall butcher shop in Salem, VA.  I rank it so high because they make the best sandwiches on the planet.  You can get a sandwich with as many ingredients as you want with a 20 oz drink and chips for about 4 bucks.  And considering that it's a butcher shop, you know the meat is legit.

5.  Wendy's
I love me some triple deluxe with fries and drink.  I actually really love the Wild Berry Shake at Wendy's.  Very yummy.  I would rank this in the top 3, but the rule is that if there is more than 3 people in line at once, everything falls apart.

4.  Hooters
I only go there once a month to watch a WWE Pay Per View.  Any place that offers me free viewing of a 50+ dollar television show is in the top 5.

3.  Buffalo Wild Wings
See Hooters, but exchange WWE Pay Per View with UFC Pay Per View.  Oh you know I will be at some BWW watching the Silva-Sonnen fight.  Just saying.

2.  Sheetz
I've never had a bad meal there.  They make your food fresh, and it's really cheap if you have a Sheetz Card. Plus, the card takes 3 cents off per gallon of gas.  For a while, the card got you 25 cent chicken wings on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Wildberry Lemonade smoothie...best drink.

1.  Mom's House
Considering I only get there about 5 times a year, it's considered eating out.  Nothing like mom's homecooked meals to make me joyous.  Although I have to say that take out Chinese at mom's is just as good.

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