Friday, June 22, 2012

Music Friday

This week's music is all about what happens when you meet the one.

I have to apologize to Mr. Charlie Wilson for sleeping on him for so long.  Not literally, that would be weird. Basically, Charlie Wilson has been around for a while, and I haven't been listening to him much.  Part of it was because 97.7 The Vibe has only been available for me for a couple of months.  However I should be better at finding music than I am.  Pandora is a good place to get good music.  The shame of it all is that because there isn't a premium on good music anymore, crappy music takes over.  Some lame chick with a dollar sign in her name has more album sales than Charlie Wilson, I'm sure.  It's a shame because he's been around for so long.  He used to be the lead singer of The Gap Band.  Google that.

Anyway, the video is a pretty good depiction of love.  Yes that is Snoop Dogg and his wife.  They are celebrating their life in this music video.  It's amazing what a good woman can do for you.  I'm sure one day I'll be singing that song about my lady.  Right now, I don't have a lady, but that's because I haven't really met anyone worth my effort.  I know that sounds so self-serving, but truth be told, this is my forever I'm talking about.  My forever is important to me.  Can't be wasting my forever on a mean, lazy, crazy chick.  You have to be right.  You have to be that girl that I can just point to in a crowd and say, "that one."  I'm sure I'll find her.  I'm sure she could be right under my nose.  Which would mean she's really short considering my laptop is literally on my lap right now.  Either that or she lives underground.  Truth be told, a lot can be said for finding that girl who I can say, "there goes my baby."  I know one thing, people will be jealous of that girl one day.  Because I'll treat her like a princess.

You thought I was going to say something awesome about myself.  Nah, I'll let her do that.

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