Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

It's another week of random thoughts.  Enjoy

1.  I don't know much about this Fast and Furious fiasco, but the fact that there is a steadfast effort to sweep it under the rug upsets me greatly.  Now some "news" sources are going to call it a full on scandal.  Other "news" sources are going to poo poo on it to the point that its followers are going to be desensitized so that they can lean I mean move on from it in November.

2.  I'm pretty much going to say that my Oklahoma City Thunder may have to wait till next year to win that championship.  I'm proud of my team's effort.  They played every game hard.  However, sometimes you have to accept the fact that the powers that be need to have someone that is being crowned the face of the league win a championship.  I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but if it walk like a duck and quacks like a duck, it ain't a dang mongoose.

3.  I love my friends.  I'm so glad I decided to really open my heart and be a friend like I should be to others.  It's hard to be friends with people when you've seen nothing but heartbreak and disappointment.  Thanks for my friends.

4.  Today is the official first day of summer.  Apparently, it is the longest day of the year.  After my day at work, I concur.

5.  Craig Avenue Rec Center, feel free to get your pool table fixed.  Thanks.

6.  The BCS is considering a playoff with 4 teams.  That's garbage.  It should be a 16 team tournament.  11 Conference champions plus 5 wild cards.  You should be able to win your 8-10 state conference before you go around claiming you're the best team out of 50 states.  And in some cases, you should at least be able to win your 4-5 state division within your conference.

7.  My neighbor left their charcoal grill out for pick up.  If it looks fairly decent, Tyrone might have himself a new grill.

8.  What's New Scooby-Doo is a very fun show.  It's kind of cool how that show transcends time.

9.  I love Movie Night at my friend Lauren's backyard.  Outside of breaking her chair, it's been fun.

10.  Watching WWE On Demand kind of saddens me.  To see all of the dead wrestlers on there shows me how short life can be.  Some of my favorites aren't around anymore.  The worst case being Macho Man Randy Savage.

That's all for this week.  I think I'm going to share a poll as to what I'll do since my Thunder didn't win a championship.  Actually, no I won't.  I shall believe until the clock says 00:00.

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