Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Top Ten

So I've decided that I'd do another themed day.  To go with Turn Back Tuesdays, Hectic Hump Day, and Music Friday, now I'm bringing you a Monday Top Ten.  Every Monday, I'm going to bring you my top ten of some kind of subject or topic.  If you have a suggestion for a top ten, please give me ideas.  I love to get ideas from others, as long as they're good ideas.

Today's top ten list is based on the summer time.  My top ten things I will NOT be doing this summer.

10.  Miss an episode of Hell's Kitchen
Anyone who knows anything knows that Gordon Ramsay is hilarious.  I love watching him go nuts when someone undercooks a risotto or forgets how to crack an egg.

9.  Watch a Channing Tatum movie
There are certain things in life that are known to be true.  Channing Tatum being a waste of money for any movie is one of them.  I've seen soap opera stars with better acting skills.  He'd be too terrible for Passions.

8.  Getting a tan
Don't need one.  I'll be darker, but not much.

7.  Missing Silva-Sonnen II
The first fight was epic.  I will see that fight.  I may even bring Eddie with me.

6.  Catching a foul ball at a baseball game
I went with a friend and her dad recently.  I'm pretty sure he'd take me out for a foul ball.  I know my limits.

5.  Going to the Salem Fair
I've been once since I've moved here to Virginia.  That place is crawling with underdressed middle schoolers and toothless rednecks.  Not my type of party.  Although I must say that this could change if the right person  invites me.  And by right person, I mean someone who will a) have my back after I say something smart to one of those people, and b) be able to laugh with me at the folks we'll see there.

4.  Getting married
Sorry mom...

3.  Missing out on the blessing of the mission trip I'm going on
My church is going to Sugar Hill, GA.  I'm very excited to be helping people in need.

2.  Letting people or circumstance bring me down
Last summer, I had a terrible summer.  I went through some pretty tough personal times.  This year, I'm just happy that God has been with me no matter what.  No one is bringing me down.  Nothing is bringing me down.

1.  Swim at a neighborhood pool
Crazy people live near pools, can't have that.

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