Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Top Ten

It's about time for another top ten list.  I wasn't quite sure what I want to list off.  So I'm just going to share the ten things that annoy me the most.

10.  Inserting Peanut Products Into Favorite Foods
I love cake, brownies, cookies, and the like.  I love candy bars a lot.  However it seems like there's always that cook who thinks putting nuts in my food will make it better.  It doesn't.  I hate peanut products.  Not only that, I get looked at like some kind of freak when I show my distaste for peanuts in my food.

9.  Parents Who Do Very Little
If there is one thing that can annoy me, it's the lacsidasical way that some parents handle their children.  Back when I was little, I didn't even think of acting up.  I'd catch one upside the head before the thought could come to fruition.  Parents need to start putting the boots to their kids' behinds when they act up.  Kids need parents, not old friends.

8.  Complainers
Look, life doesn't cooperate for you sometimes.  There are days where you just have to understand that fact.  Those who don't understand that seem to cry all the time.  It's time people just realize that you have to beat the odds and love life.  I'm thinking about rocking a t-shirt that says "LIFE" on it and handing out lemons to people.

7.  Changes on Facebook
Facebook likes to change things on people without warning.  They did the whole timeline dohickey.  They made your comments public to people you don't know.  They like to give you suggestions of friends.  However, today I found out that they listed my email address as  That's not my email address.  My email address is  If you want to fix your facebook email address, go to THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.

6.  Channing Tatum Movies
I'm already sick of them, and I haven't seen one.  That's all I got.

5.  Putting Onions on My Burger
I ask for no onions.  I expect to not have onions on my burger.  Civic Center're on my bad list.

4.  Pop Music
It's just not right that this stuff is the moneymakers.  Considering how awesome Charlie Wilson is, it's a shame that we have to hear LMFAO and Katy Perry all the time.  No offense, I'm sure they work hard, but they're awful.

3.  Guns, Knives, and the Like.
Look, I'm not against anyone's right to have those things.  In most cases, it's all good really.  However, my annoyance is with those who bring those to a fight or challenge.  It makes me question your manhood.  Like I said, protect your house, no problem.  However it's the whole, "let's fight" and then bring a weapon to said good.

2.  Jumping to Conclusions
I've had a hard time with folks thinking one thing or another about me.  It's been like that pretty much my whole life.  People seem to think that if I do something kind for someone, there's some kind of feeling for them.  Not a fair thing to do.  How about asking me what I'm thinking instead of thinking it for me.  Thanks.

1.  Racism
The main thing I have an issue with is something that all people should have an issue with.  At what point will we as a human race realize that we're all pretty much the same.  We have the same insides.  We may have a lack or abundance of melanin, but we're all in this battle together.  Christ put us all together to love Him.  However how can we love Christ if we can't take the time to love each other.  To love Christ is to love others.  It's really an easy concept.  Maybe one day we'll erase racism forever.  One day we'll drop all this silliness and start doing the right thing.

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