Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

Today's Turn Back Tuesday is my discovery of Antoine Dodson and other depictions of black folks in the news.

My issues with the news, in blog form. Click this.

So looking at this blog, it's easy to see where my frustrations lie.  They lie within the confines of the disturbing depictions of African Americans.  It seems like nothing has changed.  It seems like the most unqualified person is giving their opinions on the most pertinent of topics.  I wonder why the news does this.  It's like their goal isn't to tell the news, just to make the people that aren't particularly good with words look even worse.  Now yes, I do believe that it would go a long way if there was a larger emphasis on mastering the English language a lot better.  It would help if black folks weren't afraid to sound like a sell out or something if they phrase things properly.  However, that is neither here nor there.  The news has a responsibility to tell a story with nothing but facts.  You don't really get facts when the news is just trying to disparage those who aren't as well versed in double negatives.

I wish there were a fine for doing this sort of thing.  Like it could be considered a hate crime for making people look terrible.

Still don't get how there were no white people interested in the chicken special...

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