Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Top Ten

So, my favorite basketball team is in the NBA Finals.  They used to be the Seattle SuperSonics, but they moved to Oklahoma City when they were sold to Clay Bennett.  I am usually the world's more cautious fan when it comes to my teams and their chances in games.  I don't even celebrate victory until the clock is on 00:00.  However I feel like I have to say that I have nothing but confidence that the Thunder will win the title this year.  They're playing so well, and they just beat the incredibly talented San Antonio Spurs to get to this point.  I'm just feeling good about this.  However, just in case my team does lose, I feel like I have to do something.  So here are my top ten things I'll do if the Oklahoma City Thunder don't win the NBA Championship this year.

10.  Read 50 Shades of Grey
Never read the book.  I don't like sitting down and reading, truth be told.  I've heard nothing but crazy about that book.  Great reason to read it, I know.

9.  Wear Skinny Jeans for a Week
I've seen those things.  They don't look comfortable at all.  I don't think I could ever pull them off.  Literally, I don't think they'd come off if I put them on.

8.  Listen to Country Music for a Week
I already have to listen to country with my fella.  It's not torture, but I've had worse a stomach virus in the 2nd grade.

7.  Eat a Peanut Butter Sandwich
I hate peanut butter.  No, you don't understand.  I could seriously go on a crusade to end peanut butter.  It's gross; it's sticky; it's not for me.  No thanks.

6.  Call Random Friend and Sing Them a Song
I try not to sing in public.  I try not to sing in front of people.  I like the audience I have when I sing alone in my car.

5.  Wear a Virginia Tech Jersey in Charlottesville, VA
I got a VT shirt at a yard sale for two bucks so I could go to a Hokie game without fearing for my life.  I haven't worn it since.  Charlottesville is the home of the Hokies' greatest rival.  I'd be in some deep trouble.

4.  Wear a Pink Shirt to the Race Track
I help my friend, Richard with his race car at the race track.  Now the atmosphere is a tad more manly and gruff.  So my "Tough Guys Wear Pink" t-shirt could be detrimental to me.

3. Watch the Kardashians
I'm not a fan of television shows where the people are useless.  The Kardashians have done little to nothing to be famous.  Getting caught on a private tape and having it spread all over the planet isn't really doing anything.  Watching them and helping them make money goes against everything I believe in.

2.  Listen to an LMFAO CD
That group is terrible.  How dare they call what they do music.  That's all I got, moving on.

1.  Watch a Channing Tatum Movie
That guy is the worst actor ever.  It's a shame that he makes millions of dollars because he's decent looking. I remember when you had to have talent and skill to be successful.  Nowadays, it's all about marketing.  Terrible actor...hideous.  HA, the spell checker doesn't even think Channing is a real word.  Such a loser.

However, I don't have to worry about that mess because the Thunder will beat the Heat.  Thunder Up!

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