Thursday, June 14, 2012

My people...that's all I got.

You know, sometimes I have to question black people.  Now I know that my people have gone through some terrible atrocities in history.  Not just that, but there are people that believe we are a lower life form than others.  It's really terrible at times.  You look at the Trayvon Martin case, Jim Crow Laws, and the like and think, wow.  However there are other times in black history where I say wow for all the wrong reasons.

So, after reading this poster, you wonder what is happening in society.  I give this mother points for creativity, however we have to stop with the outer space spellings of our children.  I wonder what this poor child was thinking in preschool when she had to spell her name with macaroni. 

- "Okay, here I go.  L-E-....umm, excuse me Teacher.  What is this thing?" 
- "It's your hyphen.  We pronounce the dash."

This also goes for the multitude of black folks on Maury.  The ones that yell at twelve men, telling them they're all the father and they're 1 million percent sure.  Just a heads up, if the man you're accusing is the father, it doesn't mean you're not promiscuous.  It just means you're a good guesser.  And the booty dance you do when you do get it right is unbecoming.

This also goes for fighting in the club, believing you can do whatever you want because Obama is the president, and being late to everything.  

My people...that's all I got.

Oh, and I still haven't forgiven the OJ Simpson jury for saving him.  Although I do blame the prosecution for fouling up the case royally.

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