Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

Today's Turn Back Tuesday takes us back to July 2010.  I'll explain how this after you read it.

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I'm not going to lie, I get a tad agitated when people doubt my domestic abilities.  When I tell people that my mom had me doing my own laundry in the third and fourth grade, they kind of give me funny looks.  When I tell people that I taught myself how to cook, it really throws them for a loop.  It's fun to throw people off their game with my skills at things.

I still feel the same way about women.  If they want to be treated equally, they have to treat us equally.  That means that if I come into a room talking about how hot some woman is, don't get mad.  I don't get mad when you gush about some studly guy.  When you do something like change your own oil, don't act like it's some kind of accomplishment because you're a woman.  If you can do it blindfolded, talk to me.

I'm all about equal rights.  If a woman has the same amount of experience as a man at a profession, she should get equal pay.  If a woman wants to try out for the Oakland Raiders, she can.  Of course, she needs criminal record first to be on the practice squad, but hey it's her deal.

Quit tripping about a single guy who bakes cookies.

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