Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Cookies Break Barriers

Today was a good day.  I shared my slightly famous homemade chocolate chip cookies with co-workers and folks.  The first question I got was, "You made these?"  That question is immediately followed with, "From scratch?  Really?"  It's as if a single male is physically incapable of making something from scratch.  The worst part is, it's women who have this notion.  Yes people, the same gender who burned bras in the 60s for feminism.  Yep, the same gender who put their hero Susan B. Anthony on a dollar to celebrate her fighting for suffrage.  This reminds me of a video I saw, I'll share with you.  Feel free to shake your heads in shame.

Anyways, women just don't get that men can do things domestic.  A guy who can seperate his laundry and moisturizes his hands must be a rare thing or something.  So women, I'm just going to ask you to not be so judgmental when a male says that he can cook or clean.  In return, we won't act shocked when you catch a football or change your own oil.  Women have been fighting for many a year to be treated equally.  However when a man excels in the ONE PLACE that women hate being relegated to, they act as if a third arm just popped out of my forehead.  Not fair, at all.  Funny thing, my cookies got rave reviews.  Well, I don't know about rave, but people liked them.  I'm also having an issue with women pulling the "I'm a woman" card at convenient times.  For example, a woman goes shopping for a car.  They go alone and tell their significant other that she can buy a car by herself and doesn't need a man to help her.  However, as soon as the car messes up, she fusses at the man for not going back to that dealer and defending her honor.  You had that honor all by yourself when you went shopping.  Just kind of annoying that there is a double standard.  Either be a helpless damsel or get your own wedding ring out of the plumbing.

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