Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Barack Star

I've tried very hard to avoid politics in my life.  It's usually a grimy subject for me.  Usually it's because I don't know enough about the subjects to give a great opinion.  I blame overly biased cable news stations and articles for this lack of knowledge.  Everything is spun to validate the reporters' opinions.  However I must comment on something I learned this afternoon.  President Obama is going to be the first sitting president to ever be on a daytime talk show when he tapes an interview for ABC's The View.  You'd think he'd be on Oprah first considering how she pretty much got every woman who worships her to vote for him, but so life is.  I also learned that Obama will be in EA Sports' Madden NFL 2011 video game. 

Now I think this whole Obama-Mania is going a tad far.  With Jesse Jackson crying, rappers threatening to move to Canada if Barack wasn't elected, and him playing HORSE with Clark Kellogg (that's a whole other subject because surely someone better than Kellogg could have played him and beat him), I'm starting to get a little bothered by this rock star mentality.  I know that he doesn't really ask for all this.  It kinda comes with the territory of being the first brotha to be president.  Yes I spelled it that way on purpose.  Seems like people just can't get past that particular aspect of his life.  There are some pretty good things that he has done.  He inspired many of our nation's children with a simple speech telling them to stay in school.  That's basically what he said if you're a kid who has judgmental parents that took you out of school that day he shared the speech.  I can stand a couple of appearances on things, but he's always on some show or broadcast.  He did guest commentary during the Georgetown-Duke basketball game.  I can't even watch basketball without hearing from the president.  People were comparing my NCAA bracket to Obama's.  I don't care how his bracket is.  He has more important things to worry about than if Murray State can upset Vanderbilt (I called that one, by the way.  He didn't.)  I don't blame all this on Obama.  I blame a lot of this on the media.  Particularly the media that is 'liberal" in reporting.  One outlet (the one whose address is 30 Rock) actually sold Obama keepsakes when he won the election.  I don't mind a media-friendly president.  In fact, I'll embrace it.  However, take a break my man.  Let Ryan Seacrest be the media darling that we poke fun of. 

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