Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Love of Money...You Know the Rest

Alright first and foremost, I have to give props to the Kansas City Chiefs for their win against the Carolina Panthers.  It was a hard fought victory under dubious and extenuating circumstances.  However, I have to say that there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to play that game today.

If you're not aware, Jovan Belcher of the Chiefs tragically killed his girlfriend before driving to the Chiefs' practice facility, talking to his GM and coach, and taking his own life.  This was witnessed by the head coach and GM.  This all happened yesterday.  The NFL chose to have the game played despite all this.

Now I understand that the NFL is a business.  I understand that you have to kind of keep the show going for the people who paid their money for tickets, the sponsors, the networks, and whoever else is invested in the product.  I do think that they would have totally understood postponing the game to at least Monday or Tuesday just for the sake of the team.  For a coach to have to find a way to concentrate on a game like football after seeing one of his players take his life, I commend Romeo Crennel for having the ability to keep it together.  This game should not have happened.

I don't know how those players were able to play the way they played.  They only committed one penalty all game and didn't have a turnover.  To keep that kind of concentration in the wake of that tragedy is amazing.  And to think this is only their second win all season, just amazing.

But this game shouldn't have happened.  It's all about money with the NFL.  That's what it came down to.  There is no reason to play this game other than the want for money.  It's not a need, the NFL is run by billionaires, it's a want.  Make no mistake about it, moving the game wouldn't have done anything to their pockets, but it's a matter of getting as much money as soon as possible.  It's baffling that people are this greedy for money to put a team that went through that on the field.  Props to the the Chiefs for their ability to compartmentalize this situation and play football, but they really shouldn't have been asked to do such a thing.

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