Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Biggest Frustration

Today, my co-workers and I had a relatively short conversation about politics in America.  I said that I don't feel right voting for any candidate right now because of how they are behaving.  I do not claim a party.  There are things I agree with the Republicans on, however there are also things I agree with the Democrats on.  I also disagree with both parties on a lot of things.  However, the biggest disagreement I have is their ridiculous party loyalty.  It seems like more and more often than not, nothing gets done in America simply because the majority in Congress is the opposite party of the president.  

The Congress thinks to themselves, "Hey, if we refuse to vote for a particular issue, no matter how intelligent it is, we can say that the president isn't getting anything done."  This has been happening since the mid-90s.  It's terrible how these politicians tell us all about how they are here for us, yet knock down every idea that comes about.  It doesn't help that there are news outlets that just crush the party they don't support.  It makes everyone look bad.  There's more blame shifting and finger pointing among adults than among the kindergartners I have work with in public schools.  Not only that, these news outlets are corrupting good natured people into thinking that everything is someone's fault.  People just blindly follow one news network or another.  It's maddening that people don't do enough research.  I don't feel like the networks do enough fact sharing.  It's all opinion.

Here are some tips to being informed:

1. Stop getting your facts from places of opinion.  
I know it's hard to get facts all the time.  However it's much easier on your brain if you stop getting your facts from television and radio talk show hosts.  

2.  Ask other people from other walks of life what they think.

Before you go around accusing people on welfare of being drug abusers and lazy miscreants, why don't you ask them how they got there.  Before you go about whining about how someone who worked their tails off to get what they got in life of being greedy, why don't you ask them how they became richer than you.  Maybe see if they have any job openings.  Then climb the ladder and be as successful.  Before you call someone who had an abortion a murderer, ask them about their life.  Maybe if you were there to support them and guide them instead of judging them, you could have been a testimony to them.  Food stamps doesn't mean lazy, it means they just don't make enough to cover essentials.  Instead of judging, how about...I don't know, donating food to them.

3.  Racism and political parties are not interchangeable.
Just annoying that being a part of a party means racist.  Sad that a Black Republican is automatically pegged as a sell out.  Just as sad that Democrat is somehow synonymous with lazy blacks who want a hand out.  Should never peg something for the sake of pegging.  Ask questions first, please.

4.  Twitter isn't the best place to make political statements.
Twitter is horrible to begin with.  I mean seriously, learn to put your thoughts into something more meaningful.  Twitter should not be the basis for your political stance in life, nor should it be your platform to discuss your politics.  Discuss stuff face to face with people.

Well, that's my blog for the day.  Try to be more diligent in how you form your political stance.  Some people are doing it all wrong.

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