Saturday, February 25, 2012

When Does It End?

This story has been kind of on the back burner as of late, but it's now coming to the forefront again.  It's about the Rutgers student who secretly filmed his roommate's sexual encounter with another man and streamed all over the internet for random people to observe.  The roommate subsequently ended his own life.  The case is basically a battle of whether this roommate's actions caused the suicide.  Trying to figure out if this is a basic case of an embarassed person killing himself or a true hate crime.  Regardless of your feelings about homosexuality, the underlying problem is that someone had the nerve and the gall to videotape someone doing something private.  There is nothing on this planet that gives anyone the right to do such things.  This epidemic of bullying is getting ridiculous.  What happened to our society?  We cry and whine all the time about tolerance and acceptance, and then people do this junk?  The thing that makes it worse this is mostly happening online.  It's happening online because people are too gutless to look someone in the eye when they want to cause problems.  What happened to the days when people settled things under the willow trees after school?  I'm not condoning fighting.  I'm condoning courage.  I'm condoning manhood.  I'm condoning being a human being and coming to the person you have an issue with instead of picking on them behind a computer monitor.  I'm just wondering why this roommate felt the need to film his roommate's encounter.  I wonder what he was wanting to see that made him violate privacy.  There are way too many cowards on this planet.  Bullying is getting to be a problem.  However I have to point out that simply speaking out about something is not bullying, nor is it a hate crime.  When you push people around because they're different, that's being a bully and committing a hate crime.  That's when you're a coward in my book.  It's time for people to stand up to bullies.  It's time for people to put bullies in their place.  When you see someone being bullied, rally around that person.  Who cares why they're being bullied, just stop it. The more you stop it, the more it goes away.  Put your foot down.  Stop this epidemic.  I hope this guy gets his comeuppance.  I hope he goes to jail for a long time for violating his roommate's privacy.  I would hope he'd go to jail even if the roommate didn't commit suicide.  Too many cowards on this planet for my liking.  Let's bring guts back to America.  We fought an oppressive king in the 1700s, a horrible institution in the 1800s, ironically we fought against racism and hate in World War 2, and against the worst attack on our country in the 2000s.  Yet we are doing terrible things to our fellow Americans just because they're different?  I miss manhood.


  1. Dude, I love reading your thoughts, but it's really hard to do with this whole bumblebee yellow-on-black thing. And please, please, please, start using paragraphs like we were taught in school.


  2. Great thoughts..don't worry about paragraphs but I agree you need to change font color.

  3. I can work on the font color. The paragraphs are lower on the priority list since I'm not being graded.

  4. Yay for paragraphs on the newest posts, my 40-year-old eyes really appreciate it. And thanks for taking the font color under consideration.

    BTW, ignore anonymous, because yes, you are being graded. Each reader is like getting at least a B, while losing a reader over something you can easily fix is equivalent to getting an F. Trust me, I'm a former blogger, I know this stuff.