Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I Miss About College Part 1

I didn't have the typical college life.  When you go to two private Christian colleges with encyclopedias for rulebooks, you tend to have different experiences.  If you're not familiar with my college career, I went to the Word of Life Bible Institute  in Pottersville, NY for my first year of college.  I then went to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  Now Word of Life was a different place.  I'll give you some highlights from being there.

1.  I was the first person from my high school to play collegiate sports.  I was the back up center.  At 6'4".  At 185 pounds.  Yeah...

2.  I remember giving my future roommate, Andy at Liberty the hardest time ever for not eating all of his chicken wings.  He became one of my best friends, and he's still one of my best friends to this day.

3.  I remember making one trip per day to Jenel's desk so she could sing me a Mariah Carey song.  If I had the money, I'd start a record company and make her a star.  But I don't have the money, so you're going to have to flood her Facebook and beg her to make an indy CD and sell it out of the trunk of her car.

4.  I remember being the only person with their winter coat on by the third day of school.

5.  I remember when the temperature hit like 15 below, then up to like 30 degrees and people wearing shorts.

6. I remember winning WOLBI Let's Make a Deal...I got laundry money.

7.  I remember Daisy forcing me to eat grapefruit at Saturday brunch...the things you do when a woman tells you to.

8.  I remember my good buddy Wesley.  He taught me how to see life with joy, passion, and love for God.  I'll never forget him.

9.  I remember pitching my reality show idea to Skye, "The Tyrone Dudley Show".  I remember Skye yelling "and the horse you rode in on" right after I pitched the signature catchphrase.  That catchphrase usually came out after I broke bad about some unknown rule I just broke.

10.  Speaking of, I remember getting 10 demerits over the course of the first semester.  I had to redecorate the dining hall for the Thanksgiving Banquet.  It got rave reviews...if this teaching thing doesn't pan out, I can be an interior decorator.

11.  I remember doing my Dr. Tom Davis impressions in Jack's Shack.

There are plenty of other memories that I invite those who are reading this and went to Word of Life to chime in with.  I'll give you my Liberty memories tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.

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