Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stop Being Sad

Seems like there is an overwhelming sadness of people today.  Seems like there is some sort of expectation of what their lives should be in comparison to what their lives are.  People are upset and bothered over the lack of a special someone on Valentine's Day.  Seems like people are seeing other couples mingling and what not and it brings them sadness that they don't have someone like that in their lives.  I have a message for you folks.  It's okay.  God sometimes doesn't give you that person you need to be with on the day where everyone celebrates said relationships.  Sometimes, it's a day to just show love to everyone else.  It's a day to reflect on how much you are loved by God and others.  Yes I know that Valentine's Day is a ridiculous corporate holiday that causes people to spend way too much money just to prove their undying love for others.  However, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't share our love with others.  It just means that we should do it more because we want to, not because society or Hallmark tells us to.  We should strive to love and care for each other everyday for the simple fact that God tells us to.  I would say because of human decency, but there really isn't a ton of human decency.  Just watch the Grammys if you don't believe me.  Look, I know that having a special someone in your life is very important.  However having a life that is special and being someone special is much more important.  It's so bothersome to see how broken up people are about being single.  Being single is a blessing.  It's a chance to reflect on your life.  It's a chance to look at your life and figure out how to make yourself better.  Then when you get older and further along, you can be a better person to that eventual special someone.  Don't keep beating yourself up over your singleness.  God has someone for you.  Take this day to giggle at the silly belief that being with someone is the only way to be.  Trust me, I had a girlfriend last year around this time.  She ended up being a loon and I'm way better for not being with her anymore.  Sometimes all that glitters ain't gold.  Sometimes the silver lining comes through that dark cloud.  Keep your heads up.  Oh and if you are in a relationship, be happy you're in it.  However you're not better than anyone else either.  Stop being obnoxious.  Stop asking why someone is single and be happy someone likes you enough to stay with you.  Because personally, if someone was obnoxious to the point that they have to ask why someone is single, I probably wouldn't want to date you anyway.

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