Saturday, February 18, 2012

A New Round of Random Musings

Today's the day I just blurt out what's on my mind.  Proceed with caution.

1.  Shark Tank is an awesome show.  I want Kevin O'Leary to be my rich uncle.

2. The older kids get, the older I get.  I'm going to need everyone that I've ever coached, taught, or led to stop growing now.  Thanks.

3. I kind of want to start my own restaurant, run it into the ground, then call Gordon Ramsay to save me. Although I have a feeling that the first second Chef Ramsay swears at me, my mother will be there with a baseball bat.

4.  Snow will come when God wants it to come.  Quit bugging Him about snow and start asking Him to give our government wisdom to lead our country.  Priorities, people.

5.  I love taking long walks around Roanoke.  Kind of gets me closer to God and a decent fighting weight.

6.  So Jeremy Lin loses his first game as a starter and he's the worst basketball player ever.  Umm, how about The Knicks lost to the Hornets.  Let's go with that.

7.  This week I get to go play on an inflatable playground, watch wrestling with friends, and best of all...THE BEST OF ALL, I get to teach Sunday School for the youngsters.  I'm really excited about the opportunity.  God is too good.

8.  I kinda wish I had a bathroom in my basement.  The backyard gets cold when I don't feel like going upstairs.

9.  Every time I watch Ravishing Rick Rude on WWE Classics on Demand, I realize how stinking awesome he was in the ring.  he brought the Ultimate Warrior to a decent match.  That's a miracle.

10.  Found out that the voting station for my town is within walking distance.  How about that?

11.  Donating plasma is quite fun as long as you don't look at the needle going into your arm.  And whoever that blonde lady is that stuck me today, she's great.  Wonderful bedside manner.

12.  KJ-52 is a good artist.  You should get one of his CDs.  In fact, I feel like posting one of his songs right now.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.  Have fun with them.

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  1. Hey,#3 could happen. I hope #8 is not happening. Don't you have a saucepan?