Friday, February 17, 2012

Back in the Day

I wasn't really thinking about what to type about today.  However tonight I had the fortunate opportunity of going to the Three Rivers District Championships in Christiansburg, VA.  It was a fun experience.  However the games were only half the story.  A long time ago, I coached basketball for the Glenvar Youth Boosters in Roanoke County.  I coached for 5 years.  I coached 9-10 year old boys for 2 years, 11-12 year old boys for 1 year, and 11-12 year old girls for two years.  Tonight, I got to see some of the kids I coached all grown up.  Well, at least older than they were when I coached them.  Two of the players I coached played in the championship games.  It was awesome to see how far they've come from when I coached them.  I couldn't be more proud.  However more than that, I saw many other kids that I coached in the stands and taking statistics. It was amazing to see them all older and wiser.  They all were happy to see me.  Sometimes you ask yourself how much of a blessing you're being.  Then you get your answer a couple of years later.  Seeing their joy of seeing their old coach.  Sometimes you have to thank God for the little opportunities you get.  I took up coaching simply because I love kids and basketball.  Teaching kids the game of basketball makes me happy.  Showing them little tricks I've learned.  Encouraging them everyday.  Telling them how special they are and how good they are.  Their parents are proud of them, too.  That makes me happy.  Seeing proud parents tell me that their child was better as a person and a player because of you brings a sense of pride and joy to your life.  It's like God says, "You're doing well.  I'm proud of you."  I know we're supposed to store up our treasures in Heaven and not on Earth.  However, I don't think God minds if someone on Earth tells you you're doing well.  I miss basketball.  I'd love to go back and coach it again.  However, if referees are going to be as bad as the referees I saw tonight...I could get banned.

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