Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Inflatable Playgrounds

I know what I want for Christmas and my 4 year anniversary of turning 29.  I want a party at an inflatable playground.  Oh my gosh, I cannot tell you the joy that came from playing on that thing today.  The place has a giant slide, a huge obstacle course, an octagon with balls in it, and a smaller obstacle course.  My class went to a place called Pump It Up today for a field trip.  I had so much fun.  Really brought out the inner child in me.  While all the outer children were having fun, my inner child was just as excited.  Here's a tip, wear those slipper socks with the grippies on the bottom.  You can move a little better.  Also, don't challenge me to a one on one race through the obstacle course.  I will win.  I just wish I could have raced everyone.  However I had to chase a kid who used the bathroom and drank water more than a camel.  I was bothered by my teammates' performances in the relay race.  That's neither here nor there.  Sometimes, you have to just have fun.  In life, there are times where you need to just enjoy what's going on.  Ferris Bueller taught us that in the 80s.  He taught us that again during the Super Bowl.  Am I allowed to say Super Bowl?  Oh well.  Truth is, there are times where people over the age of 25 just forget how to just take a second to enjoy the life God has given them.  My fellow Christians in particular can be really bad about not having fun.  Sometimes, we forget that we have teeth and they should be used for smiling, not gritting and snarling.  To see the smiles of not only the kids, but my co-workers as well shows us that life can be fun in this hustle and bustle.  What's that phrase all you chicks use on Facebook all the time?  Dance like no one's watching, or something like that.  Do that.  Sometimes you just have to forget that people are watching you and play.  The ones that matter won't mind your silliness, the ones that mind your silliness don't matter.  Dr. Seuss said that, I think.  We just need to stop being sticks in the mud.  Start taking life by the hand and dancing with it.  There is a time to be serious, but don't let serious take over your life.  Leave your heart open to laughter, joy, silliness, and fart jokes.  Nothing wrong with a fart joke.  It's a gas.

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