Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Lesson in Forgiveness

I think the planet can learn a little something about forgiveness from an unlikely source.  If you're not familiar with the story, here it is.  Basically, talentless singer Chris Brown was dating even less talented, but more successful singer Rhianna.  A couple of years ago, there was a dispute between the two the night before the Grammys.  The result was Rhianna being beaten up by Brown in their car.  When pictures came out that displayed the horrific results, people were pretty much calling for Brown's head on a platter.  The result was him doing tons of community service and a huge hit to his reputation.  Now, he's still selling records and making tons of money.  It's an insane thought that someone can reach a relative amount of success even after that terrible incident.  Now here's the kicker, there is rumor that Brown and Rhianna are dating each other again.  There seems to be a heavy amount of disapproval of this recent turn of events.  People from all walks of life are going all crazy over this girl dating the man that put her in the hospital.  However there are two people that have to forgive Brown for his actions against Rhianna, God and Rhianna.  Rhianna has evidently forgiven him for his sins and believes he is contrite and genuine.  Who are we to fault her for that?  How dare any of us tell a woman who she can and can't forgive.  How dare any of us tell someone what she can forgive someone for.  We've all been forgiven by Christ for our evils.  Some people are holding on to far less sins than a random beat down in a car.  People need to stop holding on to things that happened in the past.  There are some wonderful people suffering and being held hostage by the sins of other people that the people they love haven't forgiven.  How dare you let a good person suffer for the sins of others.  I was a victim of someone's lack of forgiveness.  Someone from way back when hurt them badly, and to this day, they haven't been able to forgive that person.  The result is years of suffering, anger, and blame shifting.  Don't let that happen to someone you care about.  Forgive them.  I believe you are to forgive others, however remember.  Not holding it over their heads, but keeping your guard up just enough to not repeat history again.  So if Rhianna wants to forgive Chris Brown for his horrible actions, that's her right.  She took a step that a lot of people won't do for crimes far less intrusive.  Maybe you should take lessons from her.  In forgiveness, not singing.  She's terrible.


  1. Are we really having a problem with the forgiveness part? No on deserves to be beaten, hit, whatever you want to call it. Maybe she recognized her partner has a serious problem, or maybe as a battered woman she is taking the approach that she is to blame for the hit, which often occurs in women that are beat (even if it was just one time). Most women will make up excuses. The responsibility of the violence belongs to the abuser. Anyway, a lot of people are concerned with others when there is abuse involved. Its hard for us to understand why a victim will return to an abuser. So, maybe its nothing about forgiveness as much as we are concerned and fearful for someone.

  2. I would never condone abuse. I don't believe anyone should ever touch another person without just cause. That cause is being a direct threat to them or the people they love. That's why I put in there that you can forgive and remember. Always keeping your head on a swivel and being mindful of behaviors from the past that could put you in danger. I don't know the insides of the situation. None of us know the insides. This could be one off incident that has never happened and could never happen again. Yes show concern, and never justify abuse. However we've never seen any other abuse before or since, nor any evidence of it. So for that, I say we wait and see what happens.