Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I Didn't Post on Sunday

First of all, to those who were anticipating my blog yesterday, I'm sorry.  I decided that Sunday was going to be dedicated to chilling out.  Sometimes, my brain needs a break.  Well, Sunday is that break.  So from now on, I will not be posting on my blog on Sundays.  You can always feel free to read past blogs, send me some comments, or actually subscribing so you can get email alerts.

Today, I just want to enjoy my weekend again.  I actually got blessed with the opportunity to do an interview.  It was at a job fair.  Nothing too specific, just a talk with people about any job that may come about.  One of the questions they asked me was, "Why should we hire you over everyone else?"  Could that not be the most loaded question ever?  I wasn't sure how to respond.  I basically said that if they wanted someone with a heart and soul for kids and making kids better, they'd hire me.  Not sure if anything will come out of it.  All of that is in God's hands.

I also got to see many people get baptized at my church yesterday.  It was so great to see people getting closer to God.  I was so blessed to be a part of that service.  I miss church being like that.  People coming to God and enjoying what God has done for them.  I shake my head at some Christians nowadays who drag themselves to church.  It seems like most of the people I go to church with (and I say most only because I haven't watched every single person come in the doors at once) enjoy coming.

I'm trying to be a little more academic and use paragraphs to separate my thoughts.  It seems to result in a cleaner blog.  I'm glad people send suggestions for the blog.  Makes me a much better blogger.

This entry became more of a recap of things.  Interesting how my mind works.  I think the best part about this blog is that there are people from all over the country, and many different countries reading it.  Some are even sharing it with others.  It's humbling to know that so many people are reading what I have to say.  It kind of puts a burden of responsibility to make this blog as encouraging as possible.  Although, sometimes I have to tell people how wrong they are.  Like their music choices.  LMFAO?  Really?

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