Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

So, this is another edition of Turn Back Tuesday.  I'm just looking back at some old blogs I did.  It's interesting to see how I've matured in my blogging skills.  I'll post the link, then explain my thinking and how I feel now.

My rant on the President.

I've realized that President Obama was pretty much the king of all media for while.  He still is, to an extent.  He made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show...yeah I know.  He's front and center on a lot of events.  I honestly don't have a problem with it.  I actually think it's pretty cool that he's such a likable person.

I do have a problem with those who complain about him doing these things.  They always say that he has more important things to do and what not.  Kind of ironic that I was one of those people.  However, I've realized that more often than not, it's good to have a little fun when you're spending every waking moment running the free world.  Statistics actually show that the Obamas have taken less vacation time than any of our previous presidents in his four year term.  I think he has every right to take a load off and do a bracket or two.  I think he has every right to show up on a terrible late night show.  Sorry, Jimmy Fallon's best work is when he's doing those Capital One commercials with the baby, and it's really the baby who is the star.

However, at the same time, let's not throw Barack into godlike status either.  Too many people are giving him the credit for the deaths of Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi.  He didn't do it.  Let's not make him the hero.  No one gave George Bush the credit for Hussein's death, so we have to be fair and remove the hero status for Obama.  He's not the rock star we want him to be.  He's the president.  He's our leader.  Let's give him respect as that and nothing else.

There are no words...
And for heaven's sake, please find the guy who created this bumper sticker and have him tarred and feathered...immediately.

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  1. i can't believe someone would make a bumper sticker like that. it's amusing, actually!

    but holy crap, we are thinking alike on this! i've been kinda annoyed at how the First Family is like our newest celebrity obsession. I don't really care about Michelle's buff arms or Obama being handsome lol Or what Malia and the other one are wearing to school. Come on...

    I don't mind them going on vacation at all. But what is the point of all the fluffy stuff like funny talk show appearances?

    I don't pay enough attention to politics to have a real opinion right now (working on this) but I agree that a lot of info out there is biased, anyway. To be truly informed, i'll have to do a lot of digging...