Friday, May 25, 2012

Music Friday

Today's a double shot of music.  I had one song to play in mind, however the following song has been playing in two different Kroger's over the past week.  I felt it was a sign that I needed to blog about it before getting to the next song.  Enjoy...

Some of you heard this song in that movie Eurotrip.  Others have heard it from Seinfeld.  I heard it on Sunny FM and Q99 a lot.  Apparently, Sheena Easton is so excited about her hard working man doing everything he can to provide for his lady.  I remember my dad being a super hard worker.  He worked everywhere, from a meat plant to a car dealership to security guard.  He was always doing everything he could to provide for my sister, my mom, and me.  I see the men nowadays who do everything they can not to work.  I see so many so-called breadwinners failing at taking care of their business.  I just read a story about a man who has 30 kids and works a minimum wage job.  His kids get a whopping $1.48 a month.  It's terrible that men like this exist.  Could you at the very least, try to be a man and work 9 to 5?  Don't say there aren't enough jobs.  I have two jobs and no kids.  It's possible to work hard, provide for your kids, and bring some pride to yourself.

If you're a Designing Women fan like me, you've heard this song.  In fact, I think Ray Charles himself was in the opening credits one season.  For those who don't know, Designing Women was Desperate Housewives in the South.  Tomorrow, I'll be on my way to Atlanta, GA with a couple of good friends.  I'm pretty excited about it, truth be told.  The last time I was in Atlanta, it was a stop on the worst bus ride ever.  This time, I'll be going to a Nationals-Braves game, playing at Dave and Buster's, and looking at beautiful animals at the Aquarium.  All in all, it should be a wonderful time.  If any of you readers are near Atlanta, feel free to come visit me.  The more the merrier I always say.

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