Monday, May 21, 2012

Moving On

So I was listening to Michael Baisden today in the car.  Apparently, he's starting a new segment on his show about people having the courage to move on from terrible situations.  He's calling it Moving On Mondays.  It seems like a great concept.  Basically, there are people that are in bad dating relationships, that know they're in bad dating relationships who refuse to leave those relationships.

You know, I get a little frustrated with people in relationships who know they're not in the right relationship.  Men who are lying, cheating, and abusive constantly get thousands of chances with the same person.  Women who are nothing but gold digging, selfish, chumps constantly keep good hearted men walking on eggshells.  It's absolutely terrible to see.

Look, if you're in a terrible relationship, feel free to leave.  If your woman is selfish and self-serving, get out.  Don't waste your effort on her.  Don't waste your love on her.  If she's not willing to give back, don't give in.  Ladies, if you have a jerk for a boyfriend, get out.  If your man doesn't appreciate all you do for him, get out.  If he abuses you with words, or God forbid his hands, definitely get out.

I try to figure out why people stay in toxic relationships.  I wonder if it's the belief that the guilty party will eventually change.  Maybe they're more interested in status than self respect.  I think it's just people don't know how to love themselves.  Not in a self-absorbed way.  Just in an "I won't allow people to run all over me because no one has that right" sort of way.

I think the main thing is that a lot of people don't have God in their lives, or at the very least, don't think God is enough in their lives.  It seems like God is an afterthought.  It shouldn't be that way.  God being in your life should be enough to satisfy.  If God is enough to satisfy, then you'll know God is telling you that that person in your life is no good.  You know that God is telling you that that person doesn't love you like they should love you.  A person with God in their life knows for certain what they have.  They know that they are either in the right relationship or need to escape.  I know that some of you aren't Christian like I am, however I still think God has a bit of a say so in your life, whether you believe it's Him or not.  Some people call it conscience, some call it common sense.  Point being, there are certain signs that tell you exactly how crappy your relationship is.  I just hope that one of those signs is a good friend.  If not, at least this blog will get you thinking.

You can thank me later.

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