Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best Feeling

I try to think of some of the best feelings in the world.  I think of a warm bubble bath, because only women like them really hot.  I think of a good massage.  I think about sitting on my couch in my slippers and Snuggie (with clothing underneath).  However the best feeling in the world, to me at least, is the feeling of a fresh haircut.  

I just love getting my haircut.  For a while, I was doing it myself.  Mostly because I didn't trust anyone but Maurice since I moved from Salem to Roanoke.  Maurice works at Hair Attitudes over at the Lakeside Center.  He did my hair right.  However when I moved to Roanoke, gas prices didn't allow me to go back to Maurice's.  So I shaved my own head.  I looked good, but I can't see behind me and I didn't trust any of my roommates to help me.  People like me have to have the right barber, and by right I mean black.  Truth be told, black guys know how to do my hair.  So when I found Custom Cutz around the corner from my place, I figured I'd give them a try.  They're really good.  It looks old school, too.  Old school barber shops are exactly where you need to go.  I didn't have that crazy conversation about politics or sports, but it wasn't full of brothers.  I'm guessing if I went on a Saturday afternoon, I'd get more of the barber shop that you see in those Ice Cube movies.  

A fresh cut is a wonderful feeling.  I would have to say that it's great to go to a shop, get styled, and look good.  Truth be told, my haircut looks good on me.  You know what the best part is, my haircut is significant and noticeable and cost me 12 bucks plus tip.  Women go to the salon, basically leave looking the same and spend triple digits.

I love being a man.

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