Friday, May 18, 2012

Music Friday

I knew what song I wanted to play, but I also knew what I wanted to talk about.  Neither matched the other, so I had to compromise.  I didn't want to be all cliche and post about Donna Summer because, truth be told, I'm not particularly familiar with all her songs.  I could have went alternative and give props to Chuck Brown, who also passed away this week, but I'm even less familiar with his work.  However I knew what I wanted to vent about, but wasn't sure how to incorporate a song with my subject.  However it just occurred at about 9:37pm what song I should play.  Thank goodness for one of my mancrushes having one of my favorite songs in his playlist.  Yes, Justin Timberlake is a mancrush, don't judge.

So, why this song?  No, I'm not a jilted lover who was cheated on.  I'd do a heck of a lot more than post a video and blog about it.  This song is about someone who made some choices in life and then decided to whine about them.

Lately, I've noticed that there has been a lot of whining and complaining about things going on.  So many people just gripe and complain about how they're being wronged or how things aren't going their way all the time.  It's really annoying, truth be told.  You know, if you're in a situation you're not liking, how about changing your situation.  If you aren't able to change your situation, don't complain about it.  It's like people don't understand what happens in life.  Life gives you some pretty tough hands.  It's your job to read your cards and play them accordingly.  It's not to throw your cards on the table and pout about them.  It's also not good to be defiant of the rules of your game just to show those cards who's boss.  That makes you pretty immature.  I've seen adults just completely forget how to be adults.  Adults take what they're given and suck it up.  Stop crying a river.  If you're going to cry a river, build a bridge and get over it.  Or at the very least, build a boat and ride that sucker over the waterfall.  We don't need your whining here.

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