Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Little Things

Today, I got to go with our class to the Mill Mountain Zoo.  Now I have to admit that everytime I go, the place seems smaller and smaller.  It's not the largest zoo in the world.  It's probably not the largest zoo in the state.   They'd have to put mirrors on each end of the zoo to make the place look bigger.  And there weren't the typical zoo animals there either.  No elephants, lions, or giraffes there at all.  It could be a disappointment if you're all about tons of animals in your zoos.  But it isn't really about that.  Sometimes simplicity is all you need to enjoy life.

I've always been a kind of no frills person.  I always wonder why people need to have an overabundance.  I always wonder why people complain when things aren't exactly perfect.  Nothing is perfect.  I've dealt with people who want everything to go their way and are miserable when it doesn't happen.  In fact, I can name countless times when people have complained and moaned about their situations, yet haven't once tried to improve it by doing less.  I think people should be happy with what they have compared to people who are truly suffering.

I think simplicity isn't necessarily living poor.  It just means being smart with what you have.  You can have an abundance of money in your pocket and make very little on the payscale.  It's really all about being able to keep it within your means.  The zoo reminded me today about what simplicity is.  Sometimes you can have the most fun on the smallest of budgets.  You just have to find people who value fun over the price of fun.

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