Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Poor Mouth

Let me tell you something.  If you ever get half your mouth numbed, you're doomed.  Seriously, today I went to the periodontist.  They did a special cleaning of my teeth.  When a dentist or doctor uses the word "special", it usually means you're going to be in pain.  Now I have to say that my hygienist, Lisa, was wonderful.  She put me at ease.  I even gave her a hug after the procedure.  However, the pain has decided to make its way into my body.

Now what they did was clean the underside of my gums.  I have a terrible, hereditary gum disease that caused some bone loss in my mouth.  So they have to do special cleaning to get all the stuff out.  I hate medical people, so this was torture just for me to go.  After all the Novocaine, scraping, and scratching, I got to leave.  They gave me a prescription for pain killers and antibiotics.  I don't know what to say about the pain killers.  They say be careful when operating a car or dangerous machinery.  And I'm about to drive my roommate to the store to get toilet paper.  We can throw the toilet paper in front of me if we crash.

Medical places scare me to death.  I have never been a fan of going to doctors, dentists, school nurses, and the like.  It took a lot for me to come to the decision to even go to the dentist.  I'm proud of myself for doing this.  I kind of wanted to run completely out of the building at the first sight of the needle.  However I stuck with it, and I'm proud of myself.

Look, we all have anxieties and fears.  It's not wrong to have a bit of a nervousness about things that are unknown.  It makes no sense to avoid things.  You should go full bore.  Don't let simple fears and complications ruin things for you.  It's not just trips to the dentist.  It's life in general.  Don't let life pass you by because something may scare you.


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  2. And uh what field is your mother in?
    Shame on you my brave son. Just kidding. I am so very proud son. Love you.

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