Saturday, March 31, 2012

Am I A Bad Person?

There's a bit of a trend on Facebook that confuses me to no end.  It's not much to worry about, but I'm bothered by something.  It seems as if everyone and their mother has an idea of how to show their love for God or their support for some kind of cause.  I don't understand this at all.

There are causes that are deep to me.  Breast cancer is a very real concern in my life.  My mom beat breast cancer.  Autism is a real concern of mine.  I work with kids with Autism everyday.  They make me smile and proud all the time.  No question, it's good to support researching Autism and breast cancer.  However, some of my Facebook friends post a lot of those "POST THIS IF YOU CARE ABOUT (insert issue here)".  I don't think that's fair.  I care a lot about many things and causes.  However I'm not about to go out of my way to clutter other people's news feeds that kind of thing.  If people want to know what I'm supporting, they'll ask.  I'll also be more than happy to share it with them as well.  Let's not get all stir crazy over our support for causes.  It doesn't make you any bigger of a supporter.  How much money have you donated?  That's the bigger question.  If you're not donating or an integral part of the process to make things better, you're just noise, truth be told.

I have an even bigger issue with the "IF YOU LOVE GOD, POST THIS MESSAGE" thing.  I let my actions speak for my love of God.  The Bible says that people will know you love me by your actions.  I get a lot of those pictures, that are clever and well done, but always tell me how bad I am for not sharing it.  If people want to see my love for Jesus, I'll pray for them when they ask.  I'll be kind to them and others everyday.  I'll try not to swear on my status messages.  I don't think sharing a picture will make me any more of a Christian.  I won't be given a bigger mansion in Heaven because I shared a photo of Jesus on an iPhone.

Also, just personally, the "tbh; lms" messages are kind of annoying.  I don't want to like every status you have.  I only want to like the clever ones, or the ones that speak to me.  So if you want me to like something of yours, be creative.  I'd appreciate it.

Remember, being all about a cause is fine.  It's dandy.  It is really admirable.  However don't try to make me feel guilty because I didn't share it with everyone.

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