Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Feel Like Rambling

I have had such a busy day.  However I have to kind of give you guys something.  Today, I'm just going to post the things that come to my mind.

1.  God hooked me up with an opportunity. I am eventually going to be working with a family in the area.  I'm so thankful that God found favor on me enough to give me this opportunity.  Like I always say, I don't deserve it, but I'll gladly take it.

2.  Whitney, Blaire, and Kaden are the best shopping buddies ever.  I don't know what was funnier...trying to stop a one year old from leaving a trail of goldfish through JC Penney, wheeling him away from the lingerie section at JC Penney, or trying on fedoras with him at Old Navy.  Either way ladies, get at me about a repeat.

3.  I honestly love my co-workers.  We had such a good laugh about today.  Even through all the craziness that we went through today, I can't help but be thankful for laughter.  The Bible says that laughter does the heart good like a medicine.  No wonder I have such wonderful health.

4.  Gas prices are insane.  I remember when you could put ten bucks worth of gas in your car and get change back.  Now, 10 bucks is maybe a quarter of a tank.  People ask if I want to fill it up, I tell them that I'm not going that far...sorry.

5.  I want to see The Help.  Someone buy me a DVD.

6.  Kind of excited about Wrestlemania coming up.  I love me some wrestling sometimes.

7.  My roommate likes too many reality shows.  American Idol, Survivor, Real Housewives of Delaware or wherever they're from this season, he loves them all.  I only like Celebrity Apprentice, Ultimate Fighter, and Biggest Loser.  Can someone please tell me who Aubrey O'Day is?

8.  I'd love to start a garden.  However I'm scared the landscaping company that comes to work on my yard will destroy any vegetables and fruits I work hard on growing.  Unless I get one of those chicken wire fences.

9.  I cleaned out my email inbox for the first time in many years.  I had over 21,000 emails in my inbox.  I'm surprised Google didn't blow up.

10. Some guy named Frank Taaffe is defending George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin in Florida.  Taaffe had the nerve to say that it was a "perfect storm" of circumstances that led to the shooting.  If the perfect storm involved prejudice, stereotyping, a lack of common sense, and racism are the components, then yes it was a perfect storm.  Look Frankie, your boy is a moron.  Your boy is a racist idiot.  He chased a kid who put his hood up in the rain and ran a little faster to avoid being too wet, then shot him.  Please stop trying to defend stupidity.

Thanks for reading this blog.  Thanks for all your support.

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