Thursday, March 29, 2012

List of Thoughts

I have some thoughts I want to share with you all.  Most of these thoughts, you'll agree with if you're of sound mind.

1.  George Zimmerman just got caught in his lies.  He says he was beaten unmercifully by Trayvon Martin.  He included having a broken nose and being bashed on concrete.  A surveillance video from Zimmerman being taken through the police station shows a completely different story.  Unless the kind officers of the Sanford Police Department gave Mr. Zimmerman the courtesy of being able to change his bloodied clothing and clean his face thoroughly before being taken to the department, I'm smelling something foul.  And before one of you critics say anything, the time stamp of the video was a mere 30 minutes after the police arrived at the scene of the crime.

2.  I get annoyed with greedy people.

3.  Why do we have months specified to this or that?  Why can't we just observe different causes and histories every day of our lives?

4.  I'm highly bothered by the gas prices.  It's not the President's fault, he doesn't regulate gas prices.  Oil companies do.  Unless the President owns an oil company, lay off.

5.  I'm going to see The Hunger Games tomorrow.  Not only will I be going to a movie theater for the first time since The Passion of the Christ, but I'm going to watch a "Hollywood Blockbuster."  Totally against my better judgment, but the people I'm going with are pretty cool people, so oh well.

6.  The Mega Millions Jackpot is at half a billion dollars.  That's insane.  If I won that, I'd give some to the church; pay off my college loans; and get my Master's in Special Education.  The rest would go on impressing the ladies.  Well, one lady.  Who that lady is, not sure.

7.  Lent is coming along nicely.  I've lost weight due to my fast of sodas.  I'm blessed.

8.  Life is truly going my way.  Not because I'm doing anything special.  I just give God my life, He molds it the way He wants it, I reap the benefits.

That's all for me.  Thank you for reading.  If you have any suggestions for Music Friday, hook me up.  Just give me a good song, if I think it's good, I'll post it and talk about it.

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  1. love this post Ty! :) and The Hunger Games was sooooo good! I think you will enjoy it!