Saturday, March 3, 2012

100th Post Extravaganza Party

This is a banner day for me and my blog.  It has reached 100 posts.  It was sporadic in its infancy, however this particular calendar year has been dedicated to really sharing my opinions.  The result has been a almost 2000 pageviews and a Facebook page.  There are a few people I have to thank for this.

1.  Al Gore
Without him inventing the Internet, we'd never have things like blogs.  He's also saving us from certain carbon doom so that millions of people can read my blog.  Such a giving man.

2. Anne Frank
People have been keeping journals and stuff for years.  However it was Anne Frank's candid tales of the life she lived hiding from Nazi Germany that really brought journaling to the forefront.  If you haven't looked at The Diary of Anne Frank, you're doing yourself an injustice.

3.  My Mom
She should probably be higher on the list, but honestly, this is all my idea.  She's just super supportive.  Which is honestly just fine for this kind of endeavor.  Thanks mom, love you.

4. Ex Girlfriends
You've given me a lot to type about.  In fact, some of your foolishness is where I got my best blogs.  Thanks for being the wrong person for me.  When they tell me that I'll never find someone like them, I respond with a "Praise the Lord!"

5.  Stupid Ideas
Trust me, stupid idea give me my best work.  Things like and vegetarianism can really spark my creative juices.

Their easy to use format makes it simple for me to just say what I have to say with little HTML.  You haven't lived until you write in HTML.

7.  God
Probably the most important person to thank.  He's guided me every step of my path.  He's been the inspiration for so many things in my life.  He's blessed me far more than I deserve or could ever expect.  Never forget where your bread is buttered.

100 may not be a huge amount of posts in the grand scheme, but to be able to stick with something as open ended as this for this long is an accomplishment.  Thank you for making this blog what it is.  Your support, suggestions, and overall feedback is a blessing that you really won't truly understand.

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