Monday, March 26, 2012

Common Sense Has Officially Left the Building

By now, you all know the story of Trayvon Martin.  You know that a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain decided to take the law into his own hands and pursue and murder a teenage boy because he wasn't sure who he was.  However the more I study this case and listen to opinions, the more baffled I am at some people's thoughts and words.  I'm actually going to call out some people and their stupidity.  If you're a fan of any of these people, I suggest you not take it personal.

Frank Taaffe
Now he's probably the least of the offenders on this list.  However he's on the list because he blames crimes of other people for the shooting.  He basically said that Zimmerman was upset about recent burglaries in the neighborhood and was pushed over the edge by a suspicious black male walking in the rain.  Taaffe wants justice to take its course for Zimmerman.  What about justice for Trayvon, oh wait, he can't have justice because Zimmerman took it from him.

Joe Oliver
I heard about this guy today.  He basically thinks that he heard Zimmerman's voice yelling for help on the 911 call.  Either Oliver can't tell the difference between a 17 year old boy and a 28 year old man, or Zimmerman had the worst hand ever dealt to someone by the Puberty Fairy.  Oliver also believes that if Trayvon had ONLY just told Zimmerman who he was, he wouldn't have been shot.  Umm, what business is it of Zimmerman's why Trayvon is there?  He doesn't have to answer to anyone as to where he was going and what he was doing.  Zimmerman is a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH CAPTAIN.  Their job is to report suspicious activity. It is not to interrogate, try, convict, and execute.  How dare this Joe Oliver suggest that Trayvon should have just listened to a stranger.  We've been taught all during our childhood to NOT talk to strangers, and now because Mr. Neighborhood Watch Man has a fear of black kids in hoodies, they should buck that trend completely?  You sure are twisted, Oliver.

Kyle Rogers
Read this link.  This guy could be the worst journalist ever.  How dare he question why Trayvon was not where he normally lives.  That has NOTHING to do with Zimmerman's ignorance.  He could be the leader of a drug ring, his job wasn't to chase him down and question him.  Zimmerman had one duty, call the police if something suspicious happens.  For this guy, apparently the trigger for the Greenville, SC Tea Party, being black is way more of a crime than shooting one.  Look, no one is perfect.  I understand that.  However to call into question his life instead of be outraged that a man shot an innocent boy tells me how insensitive and bigoted you are.  I actually kind of regret posting the link to this article, however I think it should be looked at by everyone as the WRONG WAY to approach issues.

Geraldo Rivera
This guy could be the biggest idiot ever.  This fool found Al Capone's tomb and made this spectacle of it.  Then he found NOTHING.  He was the host of a sleazy talk show.  Now he has the nerve to blame Trayvon's hoodie for why he was shot.  He's not blaming Trayvon's behavior.  He's blaming his hoodie.  A sweatshirt made George Zimmerman mad enough to shoot him dead.  I'm baffled.  I'm actually perplexed.  I've worn hoodies because they're comfortable, functional, and warm.  I don't wear it to scare white people. I don't wear it to be a thug.  For someone to actually make the suggestion that an article of clothing caused this kind of reaction just bugs me to death.  Geraldo's own son said he was ashamed to be his son because of that.  The boy wore a hood because it was raining in February, which means it was kind of cold.  He put the hood on because he didn't want to get his head wet.  He was also on the phone, so I'm thinking maybe the phone was under the hood and dry from the rain.  He was running because it was raining.  Rain is wet and cold, and most people don't want to be in it.  Fox News ought to think twice before letting Geraldo speak on anything.

Common Sense can be restored.  We just have to think twice before saying something stupid.

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  1. Wow at Geraldo Rivera... what an ignorant bastard. This case makes me ill. Zimmerman needs to be thrown in jail. He's clearly racist. :(