Friday, March 30, 2012

Music Friday

Today's song is one of my favorite songs.  It's a song that came out in 1970.  It's called "It's a Shame", and it's recorded by The Spinners.  The song is basically about a dude who is ticked that his woman is cheating on him.  It doesn't have any personal meaning, but it's just a really catchy tune.

It's been covered, sampled, and re-done.  However it will never compare to the original.  I first heard the song by Monie Love way back in 1990.  I knew then that that wasn't an original and she got that from somewhere.  After doing some research and listening to oldies stations, I found the original.  We actually had a station that played pretty much every original version of songs that were later re-made in rap formation.

It seems like there aren't many original anything anymore.  The book of Ecclesiastes actually tells us that there is nothing new under the sun.  It's so true.  You look at Lady Gaga and think, "I remember when Madonna did that."  I look at Kobe Bryant and think, "wow, he plays like Michael Jordan."  Truth is, we all bite off each other in life.  And you know what, that's cool.  As long as you recognize it, you're good in my book.  However I was educated on the definition of originality: forgetting where you got something.

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