Thursday, April 12, 2012


DISCLAIMER:  This particular topic is not about anyone in particular.  This is not based on a true story.  I am not venting about any particular subject that has happened in my life.  This is just me making an observation.

Women, I have an issue with you.  Not all of you, just the ones I'm talking about.  If you're not one of these, don't bother being offended.  If you are one of these, read this carefully and heed my words.  I like that word: heed.

Women have fought all their lives for equality.  Up until the late 1800s, women were kind of second fiddle.  It was tradition for women to kind of hide in the background and be the backbone of their family.  Susan B. Anthony fought for the right to vote.  The feminist movement of the 1970s was all about giving women power.  Chicks were burning bras and singing I am Woman, Hear Me Roar all over creation.  And now we have this whole Republicans vs Women beef that's supposedly happening.  Rachel Maddow's going all crazy on msnbc. It's really an interesting thing.  However there is one thing that women refuse to take charge on.  There's only one thing that women instantly go from feminist to traditionalist on, relationships.

It seems like as soon as a female sees a male they like, they instantaneously become June Cleaver.  Here's the battle plan that women have:  1) like a guy; 2) ogle, stare, wonder, and tell all her friends about her liking guy; 3) expect guy to telepathically know that he's liked and ask her out.

This plan rarely works.  You know what works, taking your feminist behind over to that dude and telling him what's up.  Aren't you woman?  Why don't you roar?  Oh wait, if you go over there and dude's not interested, you'll get rejected.  If you get rejected, you feel bad.  Hmmm, that's how it happens for us men.  We live with it and move on.  However for some reason, women can't have that same luxury.  Even though you're equal with us, and you deserve to be treated on the same scale.  Your words, not mine.  Look here women, stop choosing when you get to be independent and when you get to be a dainty flower.  It's absolutely annoying.  Choose now what you want.

I'm sorry I had to get so rough.  I understand that this whole dating thing is tough, trust me I know.  Oh, and if you do tell us you like us and you want to go out somewhere, you're buying.  None of that dutch stuff.  If you invite us out, you're paying.  If I invite you out, I'll pay.  If we mutually decide to do something, it's dutch.

I repeat, this is not about anyone in particular.  This is not based on current events.  This is all just me venting about observations I've made.

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