Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First Week, Done

So I finished my first seven days at my new job.  I have to say that it was very tough.  However I also have to say that it was very rewarding.  Basically, I'm working with a young man with Autism.  I'll be helping him through life situations and circumstances.  Sometimes I'll get to manipulate situations to garner a proper reaction.  Nine times out of ten, I'll get the complete opposite of the wanted reaction.  Well, wanted by the rest of society. I'm good with whatever happens.  This job basically requires me to fly by the seat of my pants.

I am absolutely blessed to have this opportunity.  I get to help someone and make a little extra cash on the side.  Sometimes in life, you have to go a little further to get to the place you need to be in.  I've noticed that there are a lot of people who are struggling in life.  However, they're not really doing anything about it.  I just head about a woman in Michigan who got arrested for welfare fraud.  She was using her food stamps AFTER she won a million dollar lottery.  She decided on getting a $750,000 lump sum instead of the annuity payment plan.  Point being, she got a check for 3/4 of a million dollars and still used food stamps.  How in the world do you justify that?

Look, I'm not trying to be judgmental.  However, it gets highly annoying to hear people talking about their financial struggles while downloading apps on their iPhones.  I find issue with people who eat out every night and then fuss about how they don't get paid enough.  I had to learn that lesson myself.  I realized that if I want to really live life the way I'd like to, I'd have to work a little harder.  Angelina Jolie's character in Gone in 60 Seconds had a brilliant quote, "You have to work twice as hard when the work is honest."  If you want what you want in life, work for it.  It's how the 1% got to be the 1%.  It's not because they stole it from any of us.  Now yes, Warren Buffett is right that they should pay their fair share of taxes, and the fact that his secretary has a higher tax rate than he does is appalling.  However, he did what he was supposed to do to get his wealth.  Even though it's not in the Bible, God truly will help those who help themselves.  Of course, you have to ask Him to help you.  However, you have to work hard.  Give yourself a chance to succeed.

I'm blessed because I want to be.  I'm also blessed because I asked God to bless me.  I'm also blessed because God heard me asking Him to bless me.  Seems like that's the ticket to blessings.  Wanting it, asking for it, and getting it.

Thank you Lord.

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