Thursday, April 26, 2012

People Will Get Theirs

You know, sometimes you have to just sit back and watch people fail.  Not because you want to, but because it's the best way to show them the consequences of their actions.  Without getting into too much detail, a former friend made a lot of bad choices.  Those choices have alienated that friend from a lot of support for a very important event in that person's life.  It's a sad story really.  There are people who just don't understand how to treat people properly.

I just don't think people know how to look ahead.  The bigger picture is something that people overlook everyday.  It's like they refuse to think past their noses.  Don't people understand that if they avoid jumping to conclusions that they could be so much happier?  When you constantly hurt and abuse anyone that is a) willing to be there for you or b) are completely innocent of anything, you tend to end up just alone, miserable, and hurting.  Constantly throwing people aside because it's easier than owning up to your issues can cause you a lot of strife.

I believe the best way to combat this kind of behavior is to just watch them fall.  Like I said, it's not taking pleasure in people's failures.  It's basically learning from people's mistakes.  It's taking a seat back and letting God do His work.  When you allow whatever goes around to actually come back around, you end up happier and more blessed.  Avoid trying to take your own revenge.  As hard as that sounds, the last thing you want to do in life is cause your own issues because you didn't let God have His own vengeance.

Soon enough, that former friend that made those bad choices will be catching their own issues.  They only have themselves to blame.  The worst part about it, there won't be many people there to pick them back up once it happens.  That's the worst feeling, being alone when you could have prevented it.

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