Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

Today's the day I hit different topics in bullet point formation.  Enjoy the ride.

1. I'm sick of people accusing me of nefarious actions during my games of Words with Friends.  Look, a) I went to a bible institute, so I know biblical words; b) I fancy myself a bit of a chef and watch a lot of Gordon Ramsay shows, so I'm aware of different foods and sauces; and c) I was one question away from making the National Geography Bee in middle school, so I'm adept to geographical terms.  I know words.  Words with Friends ain't that serious...chill.

2.  They finally decided to charge and arrest George Zimmerman...about freaking time.  Look, letting the justice system take its course means you arrest and then go to trial; not investigate and try to figure out all the evidence before making an arrest.  Second-degree murder is the charge they're giving Zimmerman.  We are in for some rough times.  Racial tensions will be at a fever pitch.  It's sad that things get this way, but if George would have just listened to the police and stayed back instead of "standing his ground" 5 blocks from his house, we wouldn't be here.  Also, if the police would have just arrested him then and there and brought charges, we'd be okay with all this.  Let the court do its job...that's all I ask.

3.  I have to give a shout out to Hunting Hills Family Dentistry.  They really helped me cope with my fear of the dentist.  They did a lot of jabbing and poking of my mouth, however they got me at ease.  If you live in Roanoke and need a dentist, get at them.

4.  This Spring Break has been nothing short of exhausting.  I've been waking up earlier than I wanted to this whole week.  Oh well.

5.  My new job is fun right now.  I'm sure it will get crazier.  However I will not complain.  I am blessed to have two jobs.  Yes, I said two.  Because there are some people whining about not having one and I have two.  There are jobs out there, just work harder to find them.

6.  Colin Cowherd is right, Rachel Maddow is a lousy dresser.

7.  I have a question about the charge of second degree murder for George Zimmerman.  I am thinking one of two things will happen.  1) George will plea bargain to voluntary manslaughter just to keep this from going to trial.  2) This will go to trial and the prosecution will fail to prove intent to murder and George gets off.  Most of the people just wanted a charge and an arrest.  There you go.  I just want justice to happen.  If George can prove he was being attacked and was defending himself, then all power to him.

There are my thoughts for the week.  Enjoy your hump day, drop your pants, and slide your fannies on the ice.  The week is almost over.

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