Friday, April 27, 2012

Music Friday

This post is a little later than usual.  This will all make sense with the song and story behind it.

This evening, I got the awesome privilege of watching a movie titled Courageous.  It was made by a church in Georgia, the same church that created Facing the Giants.  It's about a group of fathers who decided to make a vow to be better fathers to their children.  They decided not only to just raise their kids right, but to keep each other accountable.  They decided to live their lives with integrity and honor.  They decided to be an example to their children.  It was really an amazing movie.  Not saying that Everclear was the first thing to cross my mind during the movie, but it baffles me how many fathers aren't really prepared to be fathers.

We always hear about the "War on Women" with the whole contraception thing.  However the biggest battle is between fathers of children and women who have those children.  It seems like fathers forget how to be honorable enough to love their child.  Hence why I think women feel abortion is an acceptable form of birth control.  Men should really think about what it means to be a father.  I was blessed to have a father for only 6 years of my life.  However, my father worked his tail off to provide for his family.  He treated my mother like gold, and showed me how to be a real man.  Yes, it's possible to learn how to be a man before the end of Kindergarten.  Being a man means taking responsibility for what you do.  It means respecting everyone in front of your kids.  It means defending those kids when they are wronged.  It also means disciplining and teaching your kids when they are wrong.  I wish men would want to be real men and take care of their children.  Respecting the title of father is not easy, however it's not really an option that could be taken.

This song is a basic reminder of what can happen to a kid when he's abandoned by his father through the father's choice.  It's good to see that the lead singer's ending to the video is him being a father the right way.  Now it's time for men to take a stand and be a father if they have created a child.  There are plenty of real men that would take the role of father from you in a heartbeat if you're not willing to truly be a man and a father.

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