Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tyrone's Questions

This isn't a new weekly segment of my blog.  I just have questions about life and events happening today.  Feel free to answer them in the comments section.

1.  How is it possible that someone accused of murder can get out on $150,000 bond?

2.  Along those same lines, how can someone who admitted on his website that he was needing funds so badly so easily pay off said bond?

3.  Why are people so spineless to allow others to do their thinking for them?

4.  Why is it such a sin that Barack Obama is making an appearance on late night television?  It's Jimmy Fallon...never mind, I can see why it's such a sin.

5.  What happened to that warm weather from February?

6.  Why don't people come with instruction manuals?

7.  When can I say everything that is on my mind without getting a dirty look?

8.  Can I have my own entrance music when I walk into a room or building?

9.  Can I use "Stand Your Ground" when someone doesn't use a crosswalk?

10.  What happened to respect and silence in a library?

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